November 29, 2023


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Zero Point Energy Pendant – Why Blueprint Frequencies Make This The Best Energy Pendant You Can Have

Energy Pendants are becoming very popular now because of the health benefits that these pendants are supposed to provide to the human body. With so many energy pendants available to choose from nowadays people tend to overlook the fact that all energy pendants are not the same. Some pendants are pure junk and will not give you the overall health your body needs.

The Zero Point Energy Pendant manufactured by Zero point Global produces the most advanced energy pendant you can ever get your hands on. This is the only company that will actually tell you how their pendants are made and exactly what technology is used to bring about this amazing energy pendant.

The Zero Point Energy Pendant uses Blueprint Frequencies taken from minerals and puts these frequencies into the stone of the pendant. These frequencies are the same frequencies that are found in the human body.

I’m sure you are probably scratching your head right now wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Let me try and make sense out of all of this.

Everything gives off a frequency or vibration. Your body has a frequency, a tree has a frequency, even the kitchen table will give off a frequency or vibration. Science can prove this and it’s opened up a whole new understanding of why nature plays such an important role in our overall health.

All of nature’s minerals have a specific frequency and some minerals even have multiple frequencies. Many of these frequencies found in minerals perfectly match the frequencies in various parts of the human body. Zero point Global has been able to insert these frequencies into the pendant which is why they are so affective.

How Do They Insert These Frequencies Into The Pendant?

The frequencies are put into the pendant using a Quantum Field Frequency Generator. They use the frequencies from minerals that match the human body and overlay this information much like you would find in a watch, a computer chip, or even cell phones. Much like a crystal in a cell phone that is infused with information to operate the cell phone, the energy pendant is infused with information to operate the body.

How Is This Information Infused Into The Stone?

By finding out what minerals exactly match the frequencies of the human body they are able to use the open lattice matrix in the stone to infuse the information. Simply put, when you look at the molecular structure of a stone there is open spaces in it. This open space is filled up with the mineral frequencies matching the body.

Why You Should Be Wearing A Zero Point Energy Pendant

We live in a toxic soup today. We have over 80,000 man made chemicals that are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. These chemical create neurological disconnect in the brain and puts a stress on our body that brings our immune system down and affects how our body operates.

The Zero Point Energy Pendant, which has 66 blueprint frequencies infused that match the human body help protect the body by keeping these toxic chemicals from entering. When you keep this toxic information out of your body it allows your internal system to communicate properly which will elevate the level of your immune system allowing your body to heal itself the way it should.

Energy Pendants do not heal anything. Their purpose is to help bring the body into harmonic residence so it vibrates at the correct frequencies. Once this occurs than the body is able to heal itself from basically anything. When you are able to keep toxic information out of the body you’ll experience a level of health like you had when you were a child.

Zero Point Global has 5 different semi-precious stones they make their pendants from. The Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Hematite, Tigers Eye, and the Opalite. Each one of these stones has their own individual frequency and benefits, but everyone of these stones are infused with the 66 Frequencies taken from minerals that match the frequencies found in various parts of the human body.

Zero Point Global makes the only zero point energy pendant that uses this technology. There is nothing on the market that compares to these pendants. By wearing a zero point energy pendant you will experience better balance, your focus will improve, you’ll have much more energy, and you’ll notice that your overall health will improve tremendously.