November 29, 2023


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Scalar Energy Pendant Hoax – Is It a Hoax?

So have you read that the Scalar Energy Pendant is a hoax? Well I’m here to tell you right now that those same people claiming it’s a hoax are only stating their un-educated opinions. Yes its true that the majority of these people who say they’re a scam or a hoax have never tried them themselves. I’m not going to lie and say it’s some miracle cure or try to light my arm on fire and claim it makes you fire proof as some extreme retailers of these quantum pendants try to say. In fact I personally believe its because you have these extremists on both ends of the spectrum that the average person out there who simply wants the truth isn’t getting it.

Here’s what you need to consider, these same people who claim scalar pendants are a hoax, also claim reiki is a hoax, alternative medicine is a hoax, organic food is a hoax etc, etc, etc. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s these same closed minded people who reject absolutely anything and everything they can’t comprehend who also slander these pendants. So the question I have to you then is, do you tend to agree with closed minded people? I would sincerely hope not, they often don’t provide the best insights, although they’re sure to come down on yours with a burning fury.

Once an idea gets out that something is a hoax, people are much less likely to try it for themselves out of a legitimate fear that they will be wasting their money. The most unfortunate part of this is that the actual Scalar Energy Pendant is not a hoax at all but a legitimate product that can really help people. Is there a lot of confusion surrounding the explanation for the science behind it? Absolutely! Because of the issues coming from the hoax and the people pulling the hoax, people who could honestly benefit so much from using this product will likely not experience the help they could receive from the pendant. It is unfair to more than just the creators of the Scalar Energy Pendant; it is unfair to the consumers who were tricked and the people who could benefit from the Pendants thanks to the word of mouth bashing them.

The question changes from ‘Will a Scalar Energy Pendant help me?’ to ‘Is this a hoax?’ and unfortunately this is the problem. Fear and doubt keeps people from doing things that could seriously help them all the time. Classic examples of helpful possibilities that are avoided because of fear are visits to the dentists, specialists and even their primary care physician. This could be a fear of needles or news. Regardless of all of the issues, the Scalar Energy Pendant is not a hoax or fake in any way. It works in several ways that can greatly improve the health and quality of life of people with various issues from arthritis to general pain. The way this works is natural and non invasive making it easy to deal with and handle. All that a person has to do is wear it in some way that keeps it on their person. In a pocket or around the neck will still mean the Pendant will do the job of aiding in the users health.

There is legitimate research on the functionality of these pendants and a lot of honest unpaid reviews about the legitimacy of the Pendants. If you are really concerned about a Scalar energy pendant hoax then the best way to know for sure is to try one out yourself, there are numerous vendors who provide 100% guarantees. So if you want to try one and you were guaranteed results or your money back, then what would stop you from trying one?