December 5, 2023


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On Nutrition: Vitamin C revisited | Lifestyle

Industry experts at the Linus Pauling Institute sponsored an very interesting presentation of vitamin C this 7 days. You may well remember Dr. Pauling, a amazing and sometimes controversial chemist who released several guides and article content on the function of vitamin C and other nutrition in human overall health. The institute at Oregon Condition University that bears his identify proceeds to have out this form of research.

The webinar opened my eyes to a whole new space of investigation, however. As an alternative of talking about vitamin C and the popular cold, scientists Dr. Jeanne Drisko and Qi Chen, Ph.D., from the University of Kansas are now studying the use of vitamin C infusions to deal with particular conditions, which include cancer.

As wild as it may possibly audio, these specialists are acquiring proof that providing huge doses of vitamin C intravenously (into the veins) helps make the vitamin operate as a drug, not a nutrient. This tactic, even though even now in its infancy, is showing some encouraging final results in the remedy of some health situations. Continue to be tuned as we study far more about this from larger medical trials.

Vitamin C is nevertheless extremely critical as a nutrient, however. So substantially so that I gleaned this information and facts from this Institute’s 100 Issues about Vitamin C:

Do we get adequate vitamin C in our eating plans to maintain our immune method wholesome? 

Possibly not. The authorities advocate a day by day multivitamin supplement that consists of vitamin C in addition to a diet program substantial in fruits and veggies, particularly people abundant in vitamin C this kind of as kiwi, citrus fruit and bell peppers.

Is it greater to take normal or synthetic forms of vitamin C? 

The two kinds are chemically the identical and our bodies do not distinguish any variance amongst them. Statements that “natural vitamin C” is improved are not supported by science.

In addition, vitamin C nutritional supplements are improved absorbed if taken in lesser doses. Two-hundred milligrams is absorbed greater than 500 milligrams, for case in point. And don’t waste your income on sustained launch vitamin C nutritional supplements. They show up to be fewer absorbed than other sorts.

How do we come across the ideal manufacturer of supplements? 

Very good concern, since vitamin manufacturers are not demanded to verify their goods comprise the exact quantity of components detailed on the label. Glimpse for merchandise that exhibit “NSF” or “USP” logos. These have been examined for efficiency and purity.

What about vitamin C nutritional supplements and kidney stones? 

If you have a record of calcium oxalate kidney stones, vitamin C health supplements may perhaps not be a great thought. And in particular don’r exceed 500 milligrams of supplemental vitamin C for every working day.

By the way, exploration has proven that the common use of vitamin C supplements can shorten the period of a chilly, but they do not lower your chance for getting ill in the initial location. And interestingly, there are no established advantages for using added health supplements when cold symptoms have already begun. Come across far more information at

(Barbara Intermill is a registered dietitian nutritionist and syndicated columnist. She is the creator of “Quinn-Crucial Nutrition: The Uncomplicated Science of Eating.” Email her at [email protected].)

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