November 29, 2023


The fine suplement crafters

O Positiv co-founder on new skin supplement, ingestible beauty

How would you outline ingestible splendor within your business?

We’re new to ingestible magnificence. Coming off of our very first product or service, Flo, which was a vitamin for PMS and menstrual health, we were being really excited since a single of the most significant explanations men and women took Flo was for skin health and fitness. 

A lot of our clients suffer from hormonal zits, we preferred to actually double down on that. We came about it in a roundabout way, because we saw folks ended up having care of their acne breakouts, not with topicals but by getting Flo.

Coming off of listening to our customers, observing how they approached their hormone health and fitness … ingestible splendor to me is something that’s having a proactive method, in its place of a reactive technique.

A ton of moments topicals are reactive and when you have the issue, at the time you’ve got found wrinkles and that your pores and skin is dry, you place this on, when Retro is the strategy of having anything each individual working day and assisting your system the natural way produce collagen, as a substitute of getting collagen.

What has been your firm’s solution to introducing that principle to new shoppers? 

Instruction usually takes this kind of a large position in our business in basic. You make these significant claims and you might be energized, but clients are like, “hey, confirm that to me.” 

A single of the most important ingredients in our item, which is astaxanthin, is from a sort of algae. We’ve partnered with Astareal which has clinically studied this actual strain of astaxanthin and we essential to to start with educate ourselves on it. We created our shopper experience about educating people.