December 5, 2023


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Magnesium helped reader overcome migraines and more

Q: I endured with migraines for over 20 several years and also had long-term constipation. A friend gave me an posting linking very low magnesium amounts with migraine. I started to complement with 400 milligrams per working day and step by step reduced this to a upkeep dosage of 250 milligrams. I have not experienced a migraine given that I began having magnesium.

My naturopath also boosted my day-to-day vitamin D3 dose. The two, in combination, seem to have minimized calcium deposits in my breasts as proven in the 3D mammogram I experienced a year after I greater the D3. I’ve learned that D3 and magnesium enable the body metabolize calcium superior.

A: Analysis implies a marriage in between lower magnesium and migraine complications (British Journal of Diet, Jan. 17, 2022). In this examine, gals whose weight loss plans supplied adequate magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin K were being considerably less most likely to undergo migraines.

The partnership in between magnesium and vitamin D is intricate. Sufficient vitamin D can help increase magnesium absorption from the digestive tract. At the exact same time, magnesium is necessary for vitamin D rate of metabolism. Taking big doses of vitamin D when magnesium is minimal could even more deplete the overall body of this essential mineral (American Journal of Therapeutics, January/February 2019). The two vitamins and minerals are also vital to calcium utilization. Many thanks for sharing your working experience.

Q: My partner lately grabbed a sizzling pan from the stove. His fingertips had been pretty crimson and commencing to blister. He straight away ran them underneath cold drinking water. When he sat down, I gave him a bowl of cold ice h2o to put his fingers in. That bought to be much too a great deal immediately after a even though.

I suggested heading to urgent care, but he would not. So I utilized a treatment you have described. I uncovered a disposable nitrile glove and squirted yellow mustard into the fingers. He grudgingly agreed to put on it and stored it on for about two hours. He took it off and gingerly washed his arms before bed.

The next working day his fingers seemed fantastic — no blister, no ache, all standard. He explained, “I imagined it was a insane concept, but it truly worked.”

A: We to start with read about the mustard remedy from a caller on our nationally syndicated public radio exhibit. He insisted that applying simple mustard to a burn off would each relieve the suffering and lower the redness.

While we had been to begin with skeptical, several audience have subsequently described the reward. We suspect that cold, low-cost yellow mustard is the chosen technique.

Your use of disposable gloves was a new twist. Formerly, we experienced read of utilizing these a glove with soy sauce instead of mustard to simplicity a burn up.

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Q: I sent your article about employing Certo for joint suffering to a buddy. All she identified in the grocery retailer was liquid Certo. My friend desires to know if the liquid will work. If so, how a lot should she acquire with grape juice?

A: Certo is liquid plant pectin. This products is bought in supermarkets for dwelling cooks who want to thicken jams and jellies.

Some people get 2 teaspoons of Certo in 3 ounces of grape juice 3 instances a working day. Other folks use 1 tablespoon of liquid pectin in 8 ounces of juice as soon as a working day.

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