December 5, 2023


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Liver King – the Barbarian TikTok Influencer who Eats Raw Meat

Liver King is a social media influencer who encourages men and women to stay everyday living like our cave-dwelling forefathers did. The man behind the character is Brian Johnson. He preaches ancestral dwelling, a life style that consists of hunting and gathering as properly as consuming as very little synthetic foods as probable. As of 2022, Liver King has a internet truly worth of $1 million.


Brian Johnson is a 44-yr-old guy who life in Texas with his wife and sons. He was not previously accustomed to residing in the manner in which he does now. On the other hand, it all altered when he identified that his young children experienced allergic reactions.

To help their small children superior, he and his wife tried out doing away with produced foodstuff from their meals. It gradually produced from a diet plan to a life-style. Now, he doesn’t only consume like primitives, he also sleeps, walks, and survives like them.

Johnson examined the chemistry and biochemistry of supplementary diet for his thesis. He earned a degree in biochemistry, and it aided him a lot in his changeover.

Turning into Liver King

Regardless of meeting all of the conditions himself, Johnson claimed he had no idea what a information creator or an influencer was. Even now, he was established to advertise his way of living. So, he became Liver King.

He isn’t the only person to endorse a distinctive technique to bodybuilding. Nevertheless, he differs from plant-primarily based athletes in quite a few ways. His mission is to reveal that “liver is king” to each individual viewer of his content material.

Liver King had no net presence just seven months in the past. Now, by advertising and marketing himself as a health and fitness mentor and evolutionary hunter, Brian has over 2 million followers on TikTok and 1.3 million on Instagram.

Nutritional supplement Line

His on the web picture is neatly built-in with the products he features. Brian owns a number of organizations, but his main one is Ancestral Supplements, which endorses his 9 tenets.

The 9 tenets are centered on wholesome way of living possibilities these kinds of as feeding on entire foods and getting more than enough sleep. Though the approaches can be adopted by any individual, Johnson principally joined them to enhance testosterone stages.

Irrespective of opposing skilled opinions, he argues that if persons reside like their ancestors, their hormonal composition will be double or triple that of a pampered modern-day man or woman.

Diet program and Training

Although he has yet to reveal his measurements, some think that Johnson is 5’6″ and 190 pounds. He has stated that he has hardly ever taken steroids to build his physique. 

He life to his identify and motto by having a pound of liver everyday. His diet regime is not for the weak of heart, as it includes uncooked merchandise, like raw animal testicles and contemporary fish eggs.

As for his exercise, he has shared some of his routines on the internet. He at the time went on a a single-mile wander with 97-pound kettlebells in equally his hands, a 100-pound backpack, 20-pound ankle weights, and a 195-pound sled. He also does overhead presses on huge tree branches.

Personalized Everyday living

Liver King wifeThe success of Liver King started out with his loved ones. Even so, they stay unnamed. Brian’s spouse Barbara Johnson is a dentist, and he refers to her as the Liver Queen. He phone calls his sons the Savage Liver Boys.