December 1, 2023


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Gaining Weight and Muscle – Things You Should Know

Secrets to gaining weight and muscle do not just lie in seeing how many calories you can consume in a day. Nor is it finding out just how much exercise you can do in a day. If you try, all you are going to get is a bloated or upset stomach and aching muscles. And rather than gain weight and muscle, you will just lose your motivation.

There are 2 tips that you must follow if you are to be successful in your weight and muscle gain program. You need knowledge – what to do (and ideally why), and you need a plan that you really believe you can stick to.

Too many people go out and buy an expensive gym membership. They read about and start drinking high calorie, vitamin and mineral supplement or protein drinks, Usually because the gym is promoting it. And get this, they do it without having a clue about what causes weight gain and what causes muscles to develop. After all with obesity on the increase you don’t want to be adding fat. I’m not saying don’t join a gym, and I’m not saying don’t drink those high calorie, supplement drinks. I’m just saying that you need to know what you are doing and how it is going to help you.

Weight gain happens for only one reason. That reason is that a person is eating more calories than they are expending through activity. There are, of course, medical conditions that can prevent weight gain no matter what your in-out calorie ratio is, and it is a very good idea to first be checked by a doctor just to rule out any medical problem.

The idea is to eat a well-balanced diet with an emphasis on protein rather than carbohydrates. However going for a low carb diet can be a mistake. Your body needs protein and carbohydrates. More calories should come from high-protein foods than from high-carbohydrate foods.

Weight training exercises do not burn as many calories as aerobic exercise. But once you have the muscle mass keeping them active will burn off calories quicker. Try to focus most of your workout time on weight-training exercises rather than on high-energy or Cardio exercises that are designed to strengthen the heart. For Fat burn you only need to work at 60% rather than 80%

Success is The best motivation. So set realistic goals, keep a note of them and your progress, and celebrate your achievement and reset your goals.