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Compare the Best DIM (Diindolylmethane) Supplements on the Market

Diindolylmethane is associated with many benefits in the human body. As a result, it is no surprise that DIM supplements have surged in popularity recently.

Different people use DIM supplements for varying reasons. DIM supplements are for testosterone, cancer, acne, hormones, or weight loss. According to a WebMD publication, researchers believe that DIM has the ability to reduce swelling by destroying cancer cells.

Despite its complex chemical name, diindolylmethane is a natural compound of cauliflower, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables. If you do not have frequent access to these vegetables, do not worry. Today, DIM products ensure you acquire adequate diindolylmethane in your body through supplementation.

The Best Diindolylmethane (DIM) Supplements in 2022

As DIM supplements experts, our editorial team pored over research studies, interviewed users, and even contacted manufacturers to compile the rankings below.

After extensive research and deliberation, here is how we ranked the world’s top diindolylmethane (DIM) product brands:

  • PrimeGenix DIM 3X
  • Hormonal Health HB-5
  • Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH
  • Brutal Force TBulk
  • Provacyl
  • Smoky Mountain Naturals (SM Nutrition) DIM
  • Zhou DIM Active
  • Wejoy Balance
  • We Like Vitamins DIM
  • Estrotase
  • EstroHalt
  • Nutricost DIM
  • Genius Estrogen Balance
  • Nature’s Way DIM Plus
  • NatureBell DIM
  • Truevantage DIM Elite
  • Biote Medical DIM SGS+
  • Zazzee DIM 300
  • Purest Vantage DIM
  • MDacne DIM Skin Clearing

PrimeGenix DIM 3X


The manufacturers of PrimeGenix DIM 3X claim their product uses 100% natural ingredients to reduce harmful estrogen. Plainly stated, the well-rated supplement contains key ingredients that can help restore your male edge.

Taking PrimeGenix DIM 3X daily can lead to many health benefits, including increased estrogen metabolism, mood, energy, and testosterone production.

The work mechanism of PrimeGenix DIM 3X is similar to most other DIM-based testosterone boosters, which operate by inhibiting the functioning of the enzyme aromatase. This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen in humans.

The enzyme aromatase helps maintain high estrogen levels and low testosterone levels, especially as one continues to age. PrimeGenix DIM 3X helps to block these effects.

Hormonal Health HB-5


Hormonal Health HB-5 is a DIM supplement that supports men and women struggling with weight loss due to blocked hormones.

Even if you exercise and eat healthily, you may still struggle with unwanted fats because of blocked hormones. This is where Hormonal Health HB-5 comes in. According to the manufacturers, Hormonal Health HB-5 can help shed 1 pound of fat after every two days. This rapidly transforms your body and makes weight loss an easy journey.

Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH


Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH combines 100mg diindolylmethane with other essential ingredients in the formula to target specific hormones in your body. The manufacturers describe the growth hormone as the “world’s most advanced GH support formula” for its richness in ingredients such as L-arginine, Shilajit, apple extract, velvet bean, long jack, and many more.

When combined, the ingredients in Cellucor help deal with growth hormones, testosterone, and other hormones. Subsequently, the supplement helps to boost testosterone levels, thus resulting in leaner muscle and increased male vitality, among other benefits.

Brutal Force TBulk


If you want to build muscle, burn excess fat, and transform your physique, Brutal Force TBulk may be just what you need. TBulk is a legal steroid manufactured and marketed by Brutal Force.

TBulk combines diindolylmethane with other ingredients such as cat’s claw extract, beta-sitosterol, and pepsin powder to replicate the effects of Trenbolone, a well-known steroid. Regardless of whether you are cutting or bulking, the company guarantees that TBulk can ignite and accelerate the fat-burning process in your body, leading to lean muscle growth and a strong body.

Although DIM is the primary ingredient in Brutal Force TBulk, it works alongside the aforementioned ingredients in a unique combination that can purportedly offer 100% natural and safe means to burn fats and build strong muscles.



Provacyl is specifically meant to help men fight menopause. This all-natural HGH and testosterone booster is one of the few doctor-recommended supplements on this list.

Provacyl helps raise sex drive, human growth hormones, testosterone, and energy levels. Taking the supplement daily ensures that you enjoy one or more of Provacyl’s targeted benefits.

As men get older and start to reach andropause or male menopause, testosterone levels decrease while estrogen levels increase. It is in this situation that Provacyl supplementation comes into play to help.

Smoky Mountain Naturals (SM Nutrition) DIM


Smoky Mountain Naturals, also known as SM Nutrition, Smoky Mountain Naturals DIM can help metabolize excess estrogen, balance hormones, inhibit aromatase, and help with menopause, among other benefits.

Priced at less than $20, Smoky Mountain Nutrition DIM is one of the internet’s most popular DIM supplements. It derives its popularity from its viable ingredients, making it one of our review’s more powerful DIM formulas.

Each serving of the Smoky Naturals DIM formula administers 200mg of diindolylmethane. This makes it one of the highly-rated DIM supplements with over 19,400 online reviews and an average rating of 4.4/5 in Amazon alone.

Zhou DIM Active


Zhou DIM Active is a supplement by a Utah-based company called Zhou Nutrition. The popular DIM supplement administers 250mg of DIM per serving and, at a price of less than $20 per bottle, makes it one of the most competitive DIM products on our list.

For excellent results, the Zhou DIM Active formula complements its diindolylmethane concentration with vital ingredients, including black pepper extract and broccoli seed extract. In particular, broccoli seed extract improves DIM levels as it is an excellent source of a chemical substance that the body converts into DIM. Bioperine plays an important role in boosting DIM absorption.

From the precedent, it is without a doubt that Zhou DIM Active is a tough-to-beat supplement when it comes to pure DIM at a discounted price.

Wejoy Balance


Priced at $49, Wejoy Balance is a DIM-based product suitable for women who need help with menopausal symptoms. The manufacturers claim that the supplement can reduce night sweats and hot flashes while improving sleep, weight management, and mood. Additionally, it reduces anxiety and stress.

Apart from DIM, other active ingredients in the Wejoy Balance formula include fenugreek, turmeric, green tea, ashwagandha, and other plants and traditional herbs. The combination of these ingredients helps support estrogen balance in women.

We Like Vitamins DIM


While most DIM supplements target specific people, we appreciated We Like Vitamins DIM’s diversity and no-nonsense approach. We Like Vitamins DIM contain 100mg of DIM per serving, which makes a gift everyone can appreciate.

A We Like Vitamins DIM bottle contains 200 capsules for a 200-day supply. At $20.95, we feel that the product is one of the best-value supplements on our list.



According to the manufacturers, Estrotase can purportedly remove the type of estrogen that causes hormonal imbalances in humans. Containing a blend of DIM, chrysin, Maca, grape seed extract, Tongkat Alin, kudzu root, and zinc, Estrotase is a popular natural hormone balancer that blocks estrogen to maintain hormonal balance.

A single serving of Estrotase contains 100mg of DIM, priced at $50. The product’s advertisers primarily reach out to bodybuilders as they are most likely to experience the beneficial effects.



This nutritional supplement works by enhancing the rapid metabolism of estrogen. It is known as an estrogen blocker in the market with numerous advantages such as better management of PMS, menopause, and PCOS. A daily dosage of EstroHalt is comprised of 150mg DIM, 50mg flaxseed oil, and 50mg indole three carbinol.

The added ingredients make this supplement more potent as the indole three carbinol is the natural component in cruciferous vegetables that converts to DIM when ingested.

Each bottle of EstroHalt contains 60 capsules and is increasingly becoming a user favorite in the DIM supplement market.

Nutricost DIM


This supplement contains 300mg diindolylmethane and 5mg Bioperine for every serving. A standard bottle of Nutricost DIM will last for four months. Some users prefer to double their daily doses; hence a standard bottle lasts two months.

Nutricost is unique because it has additional components such as Bioperine, boosting its absorption rate. The fast absorption rate increases the supplement’s working efficiency as the body excretes less because most of it gets to the blood.

The Nutricost DIM is one of the most recommendable options in our list for users who want an optimum dose of DIM per capsule. The supplement is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities, and its formula is GMP compliant.

Genius Estrogen Balance


This unique DIM brand offers its supplement with a standard 30 veggie pills per bottle designed to inhibit estrogen accumulation in the body, boost thyroid health and manage cortisol levels, among other functions.

The Genius Estrogen Balance is not packed with DIM only. Its formula includes 5mg Bioperine, 150mg grape seed extract, and 150mg DIM. The formula is highly absorbent because of the added elements and effectively inhibits aromatase with the grape seed extracts.

The grape seed extracts are preferable as they are natural components and have the same effects as DIM, thus complementing each other. The formula is validated in inhibiting the formation of aromatase the natural way hence blocking testosterone from being converted to estrogen.

The proprietary blend by Genius Estrogen Balance, like the name suggests, has an excellent combination of ingredients and is highly rated in the modern market.

Nature’s Way DIM Plus


This DIM supplement brand features an estrogen metabolism enhanced formula with an improved absorption rate. The product ranks high in the current market with over 4000 favorable customer reviews on Amazon and a 4.6 out of 5-star rating in major outlets. Evidently, it is one of the best-rated DIM supplements on the internet.

A single pill of Nature’s Way DIM Plus has a 100mg vegetable blend of cabbage, broccoli, spinach, and 100mg DIM. The vegetable blend is a superb addition as it contains condensed cruciferous vegetable extracts, which make the supplement a 2 in 1 DIM source.

The supplement is also highly rated because its DIM formula uses the unique Indoplex. This amplifies the effects of the daily dosages by maximizing the supplement’s uptake into the body.

NatureBell DIM


This diindolylmethane formula comprises black pepper extracts, broccoli, and pure DIM. Each bottle comes with 180 capsules, and its production process involves a thorough quality assurance process to ascertain that the end product meets customer expectations.

The NatureBell manufacturer puts forward a strong claim that the 3-in-1 formula works better than other supplements in the market because the potent DIM is backed by black pepper extracts that boost its absorption rate.

A single supplement capsule has a high DIM dosage containing 300mg. The extra component, broccoli powder, also provides the body with natural DIM since it is naturally converted into DIM once in the body. This interprets to a higher DIM concentration per serving.

Truevantage DIM Elite


This is another exceptional DIM supplement brand that contains 250mg DIM in every capsule. The concentrated dose makes it one of the most potent DIM brands available.

Like other premium supplements in this list, the Truevantage has additional components, including natural Vitamin E, Dong Quai, and black pepper extract to enhance absorption rate.

A dosage of one capsule per day or two capsules drastically helps with hormonal balance, PCOS treatment, menopause relief, hormonal acne, and so much more!

Biote Medical DIM SGS+


This product is designed with a unique formula to manage the user’s appetite, control estrogen levels and detoxify the entire system. Every bottle of Biote Medical DIM SGS+ contains 60 capsules, every pill with a DIM potency of 300mg.

The brand also goes the extra mile to add other essential components in its formula, including pure broccoli extract and 100mg pomegranate extract.

The Biote Medical DIM SGS+ is priced above most DIM supplements in the modern market because of its premium formula. It is also rated highly in major online outlets with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating and over 900 positive reviews on Amazon.

Zazzee DIM 300


This product is produced by the famous Zazzee Naturals brand, featuring an extra potent formula. Each capsule has 300mg DIM, complemented by 10mg Bioperine and 100mg pure broccoli.

The Zazzee DIM supplement is also reasonably priced, with each bottle containing 100 capsules. Additional components for the formula include organic broccoli and bud and stalk to enhance its absorption rate in the body.

The supplement’s manufacturers ascertain that the formula has a 30% higher absorption rate, significantly higher than most DIM supplements of this potency.

Purest Vantage DIM


This brand is highly recommended for both men and women when balancing hormones. The formula is also efficient at estrogen and menopause support. Purest Vantage is cost-effective but very potent among the DIM supplements in this review. Every capsule contains 250mg DIM, 5mg Bioperine, and 50mg Dong Quai.

The brand manufacturing station is locally based in Orlando, and all its ingredients are ethically sourced from natural sources. The perfect balance of elements accounts for an ideal supplement that effectively supports hormonal balance. The formula is also complemented with Vitamin D, which aids the body in hormone production.

MDacne DIM Skin Clearing


MDacne is another superior DIM supplement specifically customized to boost skin vitality. Unlike most supplements listed in this review, the MDacne DIM Skin Clearing focuses on treating hormonal acne. Scientific studies have associated concentrated amounts of DIM with the regulation of hormonal acne.

Acne often arises from unbalanced hormones in the body, and its severity varies among different people. This particular DIM supplement adds value for both severe and moderate cases.

This brand offers a formula with essential elements such as diindolylmethane and cruciferous extracts. A qualified dermatologist-developed the formula, and with consistent use, it is proven to have exceptional results.

Ranking Criteria for Top DIM Supplement Brands

Most DIM supplement companies in the competitive modern market try to find a distinguishing factor over competitor products hence making multiple claims. Our review team assessed the credibility of such claims and verified all details on their product’s label. Here are the categories used for ranking individual DIM brands:

DIM Dosages Offered

DIM dosages are essential since they determine how soon a user will experience the advertised benefits. A standard daily DIM dosage should range between 100mg to 900mg. The DIM products recommended in this review have a potency of over 100mg per capsule. The review list has formulas with 300mg or even more DIM per capsule for users looking for concentrated doses for faster outcomes.

Formulas Validated by Scientific Studies

Even though DIM is validated by scientific research to induce estrogen balance, not all products in the market are transparent with their scientific findings. Authentic DIM brands are transparent with their clinical trials and fully stand behind their product once released into the market. Our reviewers assessed the evidence presented by different brands to scientifically back their formula.

Capsule Quality and User-friendliness

Some capsules are off-putting because of their size, while others are nasty on the tongue. This is why our reviewers looked for DIM brands that are easy for consumers to swallow. Our reviewers ruled off supplements with substandard gelatin on the capsule and opted for supplements that used veggie capsule components.


High prices do not necessarily mean premium products while purchasing cheap products could translate to higher costs when complications set in. Our reviewers looked for reasonably priced brands accessible to the broader market. Such products must guarantee that customers get their money’s worth.

Overall Benefits to User

Most DIM supplement manufacturers list attractive advantages that users will enjoy after using their product. Such include reversing cancerous symptoms or preventing them altogether. The truth is that no DIM manufacturing company can make such claims with surety. Brands that advertise their product as a confirmed cure raised red flags with our reviewers and crossed off our list. Every company product listed on this list walks straight and narrow and complies with FDA regulations.

List of Complementary Ingredients

The quality of their ingredients can only gauge the potency of DIM supplements. Other than the primary components, our reviewers considered the complementary components to strengthen the supplement. For supplements that focus on testosterone and growth hormone production, complementary ingredients such as blood flow enhancers and libido boosters make such supplements even more effective.

Transparency and Market Reputation of the Manufacturer

Only a manufacturer who has invested in growing their influence in the current market can generate a credible reputation by being transparent about their product. Our reviewers identified frauds by assessing the brands’ track records. Original brands have a proven reputation in the market, while a lack of transparency enshrouds new and fake brands.

Medical Advisory Board or Supplements Recommended by Medical Practitioners

A professional code binds medical experts and healthcare advisory boards to protect consumers’ well-being and recommends only tried and tested supplements. Proactive DIM supplement companies invest in a medical advisory board to ascertain their products meet the highest standards.

What Exactly are DIM Supplements?

These are formulas with concentrated amounts of Diindolylmethane. The body naturally produces the DIM compound after consuming cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli. Studies have proven that DIM elements can combine with estrogen to generate favorable outcomes in the entire body. For instance, it helps some people deal with hormone-specific cancers while others take it to manage hormonal changes.

Most Recommendable Sources of DIM

The best natural sources are cruciferous vegetables, while top artificial sources include validated DIM supplement brands in the modern market. For natural sources, it might take longer to experience results. Still, integrating the unique vegetables into your daily diet will work just as effectively as supplements with consistent uptake. The artificial supplement has a more potent dosage and should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can also combine natural vegetable sources and supplements for optimal results. The DIM supplement is recommended more to users with a DIM deficiency and needs to boost their levels immediately. It is also important to note that the cruciferous vegetables do not contain a ready form of DIM but rather depend on the indole-3-carbinol closely related to DIM. The body acts on the natural element to synthesize DIM in the body.

What are the Immediate Benefits Attributed to DIM Supplements?

According to validated scientific studies, DIM supplements record the following advantages in the human body:

  • Boosts weight loss
  • Minimizes PMS symptoms
  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Delays the effects of menopause
  • Minimizes acne
  • It helps manage hormone-linked cancers such as prostate and breast cancer

Additional benefits of DIM intake feature perfect hormonal balance, reduced stress levels, calming inflammation, better sleep quality, and so much more!

How does DIM work?

To better grasp how DIM supplements function in the body, you must know how essential hormones such as estrogen influence bodily functions. Estrogen is classified into good and bad estrogen. Good estrogen induces favorable effects by giving the heart and brain an extra protective layer. It also influences the release of antioxidants in the body hence controlling inflammation. Lastly, it activates cell renewal, actively eliminates damaged cells and accelerates cell growth.

On the other hand, what scientists refer to as bad estrogen has retrogressive effects on human anatomy, causing the growth of cancerous cells. Bad estrogen is more concentrated for people with high levels of inflammation and those struggling with excessive weight. Such individuals have a higher concentration of radicals circulating in their body hence higher cases of inflammation and higher concentration of bad estrogen. DIM is instrumental in balancing hormones as it supports the proliferation of good estrogen rather than bad estrogen. Additionally, the supplement limits the production of the aromatase enzyme, which actively converts testosterone to estrogen.

Does Science Support the Described Benefits of Diindolylmethane (DIM)?

Since the DIM supplement is relatively new in the modern market, the body of research is not as extensive. Still, initial clinical tests conducted on the supplement have indicated tremendous potential. Science validates DIM’s capability to zero in on estrogen production, creating the desired hormonal balance for optimal wellness. Early studies discovered that DIM influenced the release of less potent estrogen, which effectively limits the accumulation of bad estrogen in the body. The less potent estrogen is known as 2-hydroxy estrogen and is more constructive to the body.

Another study attributes the DIM element with 16 alpha-hydroxy estrogen, which is even more potent. If left unregulated, the 16 alpha-hydroxy leads to weight gain and specific cancer types, including uterine and breast cancer. The enzyme aromatase actively converts testosterone into estrogen if left in high concentrations in the body. The artificial DIM supplement is designed to act on the aromatase, preventing excessive estrogen levels. Consequently, DIM has anticancer effects, which contain the abnormal growth of cells in areas with a substantial concentration of hormones. This is why it is acclaimed to prevent breast and prostate cancer.

Follow-up studies for the supplement’s formula involved actual clinical tests on 130 women with cancerous cells and a control group. DIM was administered to the affected women in dosages of 150mg, taken two times daily. The two study groups were treated to tamoxifen therapy for a fixed period, and the results were recorded at the study’s end. The two study groups recorded better-balanced estrogen levels. Further studies into their estrogen ratio revealed a concentration of 16-hydroxy estrone and 2-hydroxy estrone. Such had minimal traces of bad estrogen hence reducing chances of developing cancerous cells. The balanced estrone levels also generated anti-tumor conditions in the subjects’ bodies.

Another critical study on the supplement focused on its effects on post-menopausal women. Such an age bracket is considered vulnerable to breast cancer. The test subjects recorded similar results with improved estrogen levels. A more recent study conducted in 2018 focused on the DIM formula effect on ovarian cancerous cells. Diindolylmethane proved to suppress the visibility of cancerous cells and metastasis in the ovarian region. Secondary effects recorded by the study also showed increased sensitivity to chemotherapy. Gastrointestinal cancer is another form of cancer that has scientifically been proven to respond to the DIM formula.

An independent study in 2014 also revealed that the supplement had a therapeutic effect on cancer patients. The study was taken further to determine specific effects on prostate cancer cells. DIM was found to concentrate in the intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) region, attributed to the rapid growth of prostate cancer cells. The intraepithelial neoplasia is usually a prostate cancer precursor. Twenty-one men were enrolled for a clinical test focusing on DIM overall effects on prostate cancer. All the participants were identified to have a high-grade PIN, which marked the initial stages of prostate cancer. The study subjects were divided into two groups, and one was given a daily 900mg dose of DIM while the other group was given a placebo. The men on DIM responded better to cancer treatments and therapies. Even more promising is how their prostate health improved long after treatment with more balanced PIN biomarkers.

Not all studies conducted on DIM supplements recorded good results, as a few did not conclusively get a correlation between Diindolylmethane and cancerous cells. Such is a study conducted on 551 women diagnosed with various cervical abnormalities. 150 mg DIM was administered to the women daily, and after some duration, there were no changes for their abnormalities or the adjacent cervical cells. Another study found out that DIM was ineffective in treating non-hormonal cancers because the supplement mainly works on balancing hormones and suppressing bad hormones that increase the production of cancerous cells.

The most rigorous studies revealed additional benefits of DIM other than acting on cancer. Clinical trials found out that patients who persistently used the supplement actively shed excess weight. Estrogen is found in both sexes, and at very high or deficient concentrations, it leads to uncontrolled weight gain. One clinical study administered DIM to mice after feeding them a heavy meal with high-fat content. The DIM acted as a blocker by inhibiting the generation of new fat cells.

Scientific research also found out that DIM improved women’s wellness undergoing PMS. PMS symptoms vary depending on fluctuations in estrogen levels. DIM evens out the hormone’s production hence stabilizing the symptoms. No complete research proves the actual correlation between DIM and PMS symptoms.

Men mainly take the DIM supplement to boost their testosterone levels. Testosterone levels among men vary, with some having high levels and others very low. With such fluctuations, those with inconsistent testosterone levels are more prone to erectile dysfunction, sterility, and growth of man boobs. These are sensitive issues that compromise a man’s masculinity hence the need for a tried and tested DIM supplement to help sustain the desired hormonal levels for men’s sexual vitality. After all, research in the male reproductive system has proven that reducing estrogen levels and a spike in testosterone increases a man’s vitality and boosts sperm quality.

Those that take the DIM formula because of acne problems experience similar outcomes. Hormonal changes in the body often induce acne and severe skin break-out. Such fluctuation of hormones causes different reactions for different people but for those that get acne; the DIM formula is more than adequate to fix their problem.

The DIM formula has been a revelation in the supplement industry. More scientific research and clinical trials will be dedicated to its advancement as it draws more attention in the modern market.

DIM Supplement Side Effects

Even though there are no significant side effects recorded so far from users of Diindolylmethane, a few individuals have reacted to the supplement for one reason or the other. Below are the known side effects of the DIM formula:

  • Mild headaches
  • Darkened urine
  • Gas and indigestion
  • Increased bowel movement

Less frequent DIM supplement side effects are diarrhea, nausea, skin rashes, and in extreme cases, vomiting. No alarming side effects have been reported from all the clinical trials conducted on the formula. Still, actual statistics indicate that 70% of all test subjects recorded non-serious reactions such as more concentrated urine. In comparison, 25% experienced an increased bowel movement rate, and a mere 18% reported having mild headaches.

Just like it is advised for all other supplements, it is recommended you check with your doctor first before starting your daily dosages. Especially for people with underlying or chronic medical conditions, it is wise to consult with a physician on whether the components of the DIM supplement will react with other medications.

Standard Dosages for DIM

The supplement should be used according to the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid inconveniences. The standard dosage is 150mg to 900mg daily, spread out twice or thrice daily. This is the optimal range, and if used consistently, the supplement works exceptionally well.

DIM Supplements FAQs

The DIM supplement professionals get a lot of questions on how the supplement works and its effectiveness. Below are the answers to the most asked questions about the DIM supplements:

Q: What is DIM?

A: Another name for DIM is diindolylmethane. Although it naturally develops in the body when you eat cruciferous vegetables, it can also be found in DIM supplements.

Q: What does DIM do?

A: DIM can be used by both genders. It can treat several health conditions, including weight loss, prostate issues, testosterone, acne, and hormone-sensitive cancer.

Q: Is DIM safe?

A: We are all different, but DIM is healthy to use as far as we are concerned. However, some people suffer side effects such as headaches, gas, and urine darkening.

Q: How do I get DIM?

A: DIM can be found in two different sources. You can get it in a DIM supplement or cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli.

Q: What are the best food sources of DIM?

A: The best food sources of DIM are cruciferous vegetables. These vegetables are cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kales.

Q: Does DIM have anticancer effects?

A: In the shallow studies concerning the DIM, there are some facts that it has some anticancer effects on conditions like prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Q: How much DIM should I take?

A: This depends on various issues such as your health condition. Some DIM studies use 100mg to 900mg, while others use 200 and 300mg daily.

Q: Does DIM help with weight loss?

A: Yes, DIM helps with weight loss. DIM interconnects with estrogen, and estrogen is said to have a connection with weight loss.

Q: Does DIM help with acne?

A: DIM has been suggested to help with acne, especially ones caused by hormonal changes.

Q: Does DIM help with symptoms of menopause?

A: Many women that suffer from menopause signs and symptoms like hot flashes are advised to take DIM supplements. This does not fully guarantee they will permanently work.

Q: Does DIM help with symptoms of PMS?

A: Estrogen interacts with DIM to help with PMS symptoms. Some ladies use it to fight the symptoms.

Q: How does DIM work?

A: DIM supports the estrogen balance. It has to ensure that good estrogen and bad estrogen are balanced. Good estrogen means a healthy being with balanced hormones, while bad estrogen means inflammation and diseases.

Q: Can DIM help with sleep?

A: DIM is used by people to relax or sleep. There is no firm proof or evidence for this purpose.

Q: Can DIM boost testosterone?

A: Yes, DIM effectively boosts testosterone. Most supplements that boost testosterone contain DIM. The DIM makes the body convert low amounts of testosterone to form estrogen, giving other testosterone room for circulation in the body.

Q: Can DIM help with thyroid health?

A: Thyroid is a type of cancer that mostly occurs in women and less in men. The thyroid has some connections to estrogen. DIM can be used to reduce the risk of this cancer. Daily intake promotes good levels of estrogen.

Q: What are the side effects of DIM?

A: Side effects are a normal occurrence to a person. Therefore, DIM has side effects on some people, including nausea, bloating, headaches, and urine darkening.

Q: How quickly do DIM supplements work?

A: For one to start experiencing the effects of DIM in their bodies, DIM has to exist and be active in the body for approximately two weeks.

Q: What’s the best DIM supplement?

A: There are several DIM supplements, but Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH, Hormonal Health HBS, Provacyl, and PrimeGenix DIM 3X are among the best DIM supplements.

Q: Does DIM help with PCOS?

A: PCOS, which means polycystic ovary syndrome, is a condition found in some women producing abnormal levels of androgens. Androgens are male sex hormones found in women’s bodies. Women use DIM to help with their health conditions.

The Best Diindolylmethane (DIM) Supplements in 2022 Final Word

There is a growing knowledge that the Diindolylmethane supplement adds DIM to your body. It makes the body stronger to fight health conditions such as cancer, weight loss, and testosterone. However, thorough research is needed to affirm all these effectiveness and safety claims about DIM to get better clarity. Remember to always consult your physician before starting up a dose. Try a top DIM supplement above today!

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