December 1, 2023


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Can gut health supplements cause constipation?

Health supplements and natural vitamins are supposed to make you more healthy. You get a every day vitamin B sophisticated to come to feel much more energised, a zinc pill to ward off illness and vitamin D to… perfectly, sustain common wellbeing. But we also know that you can have way too substantially of a very good issue. It is not unheard of to overdose on vitamin A, for illustration.

But what happens when it arrives to gut wellness? Can some health supplements leave us emotion constipated or operating for the bathroom? And if so, how can we stay away from slipping foul of these digestive side consequences?

Daniel O’Shaughnessy, aka The Naked Nutritionist, points out that some nutritional vitamins can bring about constipation. He claims that if you are not made use of to probiotics, for illustration, then you may really feel constipated later on. “They may perhaps result in difficulties if you’re not ingesting more than enough water in the course of the day, and this can take place with as minimal as one capsule and a small strength, especially if you have IBS.”

Constipation from probiotics is not a significantly prevalent side influence in point, a lot of obtain that having intestine nutritional supplements in fact allows to control bowel actions. But if you do try some and uncover that you are unable to poo, then it is normally a signal that you are not consuming ample fibre or water. Both of those are quickly rectified: up your intake of fibre-abundant foods (consider fruit, veg and total grains – carbs) and check out ingesting much more fluid than standard.

As well as aiming for two or 3 litres of h2o a day, O’Shaughnessy implies having a break from what ever complement you’re now using for a several days, in advance of attempting it once more at a decrease dose. 

Glass of water on a green background
As nicely as upping your fibre in consider, it really is a very good plan to remain definitely hydrated whilst getting probiotics.

It’s also crucial to get to the root of the problem. If you’re getting probiotics for the reason that you’re struggling with certain digestive troubles, mild constipation could very well be a indication that the dietary supplements are performing. 

On the other hand, dietary supplements can knock our purely natural equilibrium of microorganisms and vitamin concentrations off balance, so constipation could be a sign that something’s gone haywire. Right before using nutritional supplements to enable with digestive problems, you’re greatest off browsing your GP to make certain that there is nothing else at perform.

Supplements for constipation

As for having health supplements for constipation, you are unquestionably best off attempting a meals-first technique. If you’re taking in 30 plants a week or nailing your five portions of fruit and veg a day, look at what forms of carbs you are consuming. A sludgy digestive procedure could be caused by many years of staying away from carbs in favour of keto foodstuff, for case in point. Go for whole grains, fermented breads like sourdough, and a lot of oats.

Then you may want to think about taking some thing like magnesium, which draws in water to your intestines. That can lead to additional frequent bowel actions and minimized straining. A 28-working day examine of 34 females with mild-to-average constipation identified that getting 1.5g of magnesium oxide a working day noticeably improved stool regularity, quality of daily life and digestion velocity in contrast to a placebo. 

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Magnesium is acknowledged to help relieve constipation signs and symptoms.