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Best Turmeric Supplements & Turmeric Curcumin Products 2021

With all of the different trends in supplements, one type of supplement seems to rise above all others, turmeric. Available in both a raw state or a powder within a capsule, this substance is incredibly beneficial, which is why so many consumers take it nowadays for inflammation, immunity, and weight loss. Generally, it supports the user’s need to improve their health.

Turmeric has many different views, though the most common perception is that it is a superfood and an immunity booster. Though the last few years have been growing its popularity, individuals have been using it in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to improve their health. This guide unveils essential information about the top supplements on the market that provide users with turmeric and curcumin.

The Top Turmeric Supplements of 2021

Unsurprisingly, the supplements with turmeric often offer somewhat similar doses, as well as the main ingredients. It took some time to sort through the different options. Still, with the information about manufacturers with their sources, this guide conclusively determined that the best turmeric and curcumin supplements of 2021 include:

  • Earth Echo Turmeric + Ginger
  • Organifi Gold
  • Curcumitol-Q
  • Nuzena Turmeric Curcumin +
  • Transparent Labs Turmeric 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} Curcuminoids
  • Live Conscious Maximum Strength Curcuwell
  • Curafen
  • Turmeric Curcumin Plus
  • Essential Elements Turmeric Curcumin
  • Prosper Wellness TurmeriCBD
  • Curcleve
  • Paleo Valley Turmeric Complex
  • Golden Revive +
  • PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric
  • Prime Health Daily Turmeric Restore
  • Natural Stacks Turmeric Curcumin with Coconut Oil
  • Kats Botanicals Turmeric
  • Turmeric 3D
  • Shroom Tech Immune
  • Science Natural Supplements Turmeric with BioPerine
  • CurcuminMD Plus
  • NativePath Daily Turmeric
  • Turmeric Total Boost
  • Plant Pure Turmeric CBD
  • Smarter Nutrition Curcumin with Black Seed Oil
  • Thorne Research Meriva-SF
  • Qunol Extra Strength Turmeric
  • OXOMIO Condro
  • The Turmeric Testament

Each of these formulas claims similar rewards, but let’s see what is different between them.

Earth Echo Turmeric + Ginger


Earth Echo’s Turmeric + Ginger focuses on using every resource available to create an affordable and effective remedy. The turmeric included in this remedy is Turmeric Pure Gold, which Earth Echo says is more bioavailable than any other type of turmeric available. By increasing bioavailability, users will get more of the active ingredients.

The key to successfully improving the body with Turmeric + Ginger is to use it daily. With the added ginger, users can promote a healthier immune system and better cope during the aging process. Users need two capsules per serving, which include turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. Plus, each bottle is just $30.

Organifi Gold


Organifi Gold provides users with a boost for health and wellness that seemingly happens overnight. It is available as a powder with any beverage, and users drink it at night to work in the body while the user sleeps. Like many other manufacturers on the list, Organifi is already known for its incredible quality among its competitors.

The complementary ingredients make turmeric even more effective than other products. It is one of the only supplements that provide a combination of Reishi mushroom, lemon balm, turkey tail mushroom, black pepper extract, and ginger. Plus, the entire combination has the maximum strength possible for turmeric.

Along with the purchase, consumers will get several e-Books as bonus guides in every purchase, like The Truth About Turmeric and Super Foods That Target Fat. These guides provide an example of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of the turmeric supplement.

The total cost of a bottle of Organifi is $70 each.



Curcumitol-Q, a product by Advanced Bionutritionals, specifically uses BioBDMC 30 as their source of curcumin. This patented version has 59 times the potency that most other curcumin supplements show, helping users absorb more and get the necessary benefits. It offers 377mg of patented curcumin in every supplement, but it also provides 50 mg of quercetin to support the effects further.

Curcumitol-Q aims to provide support for the heart, improve memory, increase cognition, promote better digestion, and improve the cartilage of the entire body. It even claims to improve the user’s mood, and there aren’t other supplements around that have curcumin I and curcumin II breakdowns.

For one bottle, the price of Curcumitol-Q is $50.

Nuzena Turmeric Curcumin +


Nuzena Turmeric Curcumin + provides users with a turmeric remedy filled with anti-inflammatory benefits for the joints and muscles. With an affordable price for many budgets, this blend is also specially balanced to help with blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Prepared within the United States, this formula has already gone through lab testing, but it still offers 1,200 mg of turmeric with 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids in the 100 mg high concentration turmeric. It has one of the highest doses on the entire list, accompanied bit 10 mg of black pepper extract to make the remedy more effective.

Individuals who want a strong dose in every serving will likely see significant improvement when taking the Nuzena supplement for $35 per bottle.

Transparent Labs Turmeric 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} Curcuminoids


Transparent Labs Turmeric 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} Curcuminoids is another affordable option for consumers, reducing inflammation as it improves antioxidants and nitric oxide in the body. With more nitric oxide, users improve their blood flow, which alleviates the buildup of inflammation. Plus, the improved antioxidants reduce the user’s risk of fatigue and other issues.

With this formula, users get a high concentration of curcuminoids, offering 500 mg of turmeric with 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids. To get a bottle, the total cost is $22.

Live Conscious Maximum Strength Curcuwell


Live Conscious Maximum Strength Curcuwell offers maximum strength, offering users a high potency remedy. In addition to turmeric, it provides Boswellia serrata extract to support the joints and body. It also enhances brain health, and offers 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids. Users also see black pepper extract used as a way to promote better bioavailability for a competitive price.

Anyone who decides to purchase this formula will have the added benefit of a money-back guarantee that covers the first 365 days after the purchase is made. The total cost of one bottle is $26.



While other formulas are specifically included for their ability to reduce inflammation or antioxidants, Curafen seems to be used to reduce the risk of chronic disease. Curcumin allegedly eliminates the trigger that can cause chronic disease by killing off cancer cells and repairing the damage to the brain stem cells. It also regulates high blood pressure, reduces toxins in the blood, and keeps the immune system strong.

Joining a few other supplements on this list, users also benefit from a money-back guarantee for the first 365 days after the purchase. This extra time to test out the formula ensures that users find the right match for their needs. For one bottle of Curafen, the total cost is $50 each.

Turmeric Curcumin Plus


Vitapost Turmeric Curcumin Plus prioritizes joint and muscle health. It targets the immune system and prevents users from suffering the consequences of antioxidant production. The remedy should be taken every day to get the benefits, though it only requires two capsules per serving. Though users will get a total of 1,200 mg of turmeric, they also have 100 mg of high concentration turmeric with 95 curcuminoids. The users will increase absorption with the included black pepper extract.

Made within a facility registered by the FDA, one of the most appealing aspects of this remedy is the price. Users only have to pay $24 per bottle, which is an excellent deal for anyone who wants to see what a turmeric supplement can do for them.

Essential Elements Turmeric Curcumin


In the Essential Elements Turmeric Curcumin supplement, users automatically get 1,950 mg of turmeric in each serving. Though it has one of the highest potencies, it is not entirely made of 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids. Users won’t get as much curcumin as they want, but the entire purpose of this remedy is to help with the joint function and immune system. It also supports cognition in heart health, which can be entirely credited to free radical neutralization.

For one of the most effective and most potent remedies available, users will only have to pay $25 per bottle.

Prosper Wellness TurmeriCBD


Prosper Wellness TurmeriCBD is comprised of both turmeric and full-spectrum CBD. This combination provides inflammation relief from two well-known sources of support. They also both help users alleviate pain.

Developed by a certified nutritionist in Colorado named Kriss Berg, the formula results from work with other doctors. It supports relief from joint pain and muscle stiffness, improving the user’s memory and brain function. Among the other benefits are better focus, a more balanced mood, and healthy blood sugar levels.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of this formula is that it offers pretty substantial doses of active ingredients to maximize its benefits. The total cost of one bottle is $50 each.



Curcleve eases inflammation and pain, creating a natural relief from 780 joints. It also improves the health of the guts and supports immune function. Most frequently, customers use this formula to help nutrition in the body, improving cognition.

The whole point is this remedy is to absorb into the digestive system properly. The creators state that it offers up to 285 times the absorption of standard curcumin. A 67-day moneyback guarantee covers every purchase, but it costs $60 each, so it is one of the more expensive options.

Paleo Valley Turmeric Complex


Paleo Valley Turmeric Complex combines turmeric and black pepper extract, but it offers several superfoods then other remedies on this list simply do not. Consumers are well aware (at this point) of the relief that turmeric provides inflammation, but it also uses ginger, Rosemary, cloves, coconut oil, and others. By putting these superfoods together, consumers also get immunity support as they take the daily supplement.

For all these natural ingredients, users pay $30 for each bottle.

Golden Revive +


Golden Revive +, which comes from UpWellness, primarily focuses on easing joint pain. More specifically, it alleviates inflammation, muscle tension, and fibrosis pain. This formula’s combination of ingredients allows users to improve their flexibility, scarring, tissue damage, joints, circulation, cholesterol levels, and more. It also improves vision and maintains the user’s mood.

Though the main ingredient in this formula is curcumin, users will also find Boswellia, magnesium, bromelain, black pepper extract, and quercetin. These plentiful ingredients make it possible to enjoy the high concentration turmeric at 86{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f}, supporting the entire half of their body. With just $13, users can get one bottle for an excellent value.

PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric


Instead of getting another capsule, PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric offers a liquid with fat molecules that helps users get as much turmeric as possible. It is protected through the digestive system. With this protection, the active ingredient says in the body as it uses it appropriately.

The company claims that the liposomal version offers 185 times the absorbability of other variations of turmeric. There is no gluten found in this formula, and the resources are entirely organic. With improved inflammatory responses, users may be pleasantly surprised to find that the price could be as low as $27 per bottle if they decide to order multiple bottles at once with the option for a prescription.

Prime Health Daily Turmeric Restore


Turmeric Restore from Prime Health Daily provides the body with incredible antioxidants with just two capsules a day. It improves the immune system, and the black pepper extract floods your body with age-defying antioxidants to support a healthy immune system. By taking two capsules of Turmeric Restore daily, you can purportedly lose weight, support an inflammatory response, and enjoy 2,000{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} better absorption, thanks to black pepper extract.

One of the most significant benefits that consumers get from this formula is that it is one of the cheapest available. The total cost is only $12.50 per bottle if the user orders multiple bottles simultaneously. Even with the highest package, users still get four bottles for $49. It has an incredibly high dose of curcuminoids, providing extensive value at the same time.

This formula also comes with a free digital guide on weight loss.

Natural Stacks Turmeric Curcumin with Coconut Oil


With 185 times the bioavailability of other products on this list, Turmeric Curcumin with Coconut Oil from Natural Stacks already offers incredible Kirk human support. Instead of encapsulated powder, this formula is available in soft-gel capsules. The inclusion of fats like coconut oil increases the ability of the body to absorb curcumin.

The brand that created this formula, Natural Stacks, is one of the first open-source supplement brands in the industry. They disclose all of the suppliers for their ingredients, and they put all of their formulas through third-party testing before they ever make it to the customers. Users that are unsatisfied with this formula even have the ability to request a refund without ever returning their bottle.

The formula is entirely comprised of turmeric and coconut oil, which is compressed into two soft-gel capsules. To make the formula affordable to all consumers, the creators sell it for $20 per bottle.

Kats Botanicals Turmeric


Kats Botanicals Turmeric comes with a money-back guarantee for 30 days, but the brand ensures that users get a high-quality product anyway. Everything is tested in a third-party lab to ensure that it is safe and pure to sell, offering organic turmeric root and high concentration turmeric at the same time. It also provides black pepper extract to improve absorption.

Available for $20 per bottle, users expect to improve their mood, support strong joints, reduce damage to the heart, enhance oxidative stress, and enhance brain function.

Turmeric 3D


Turmeric 3D, a remedy from Organixx, is quite powerful and reduces inflammation to support healthy joints. It only needs to be taken once a day to gain users’ benefits from fermented turmeric. No other supplement on this list contains fermented turmeric, but Organixx sees it as a threat to the damage done to the body already.

The fermentation process allows this formula to act as an anti-inflammatory remedy and a probiotic supplement. Keeping good health is crucial for the immune system, but it also keeps inflammation under control. The entire formula is supported by Dr. Melissa Gallagher, who is a naturopathic physician.

Along with turmeric, users also get ashwagandha root, organic ginger, and vitamin D3 to support the body. Each bottle costs $55.

Shroom Tech Immune


Shroom Tech Immune, a product by Onnit, comes with a favorable rating from the customers that have already integrated it into the routine. The brand already has an excellent reputation, but the formulas aren’t exactly at low prices. They have a positive effect on immunity with this premium price, and users get the benefits of turmeric with ginger, oregano, and mushroom extract. They also only need three capsules per serving.

Even though the price isn’t the lowest, the combination of the ingredients amplifies turmeric’s effects on the immune system and the gut. Each bottle, which lasts for an entire month of use, costs $48.

Science Natural Supplements Turmeric with BioPerine


Science Natural Supplements Turmeric with BioPerine combines supplements, but the primary focus is reducing weight and improving energy. Still, the combination of turmeric with black pepper gives it a more effective reaction, supporting better sleep, focus, and digestion.

All supplements from this brand come from manufacturers in the United States. The spice is organic, giving more concentration to this supplement to purge toxins. Plus, the company offers a money-back guarantee that lasts for the first 180 days after the purchase, which gives users the chance to get a refund. Still, the cost is relatively affordable at $59 each.

CurcuminMD Plus


CurcuminMD Plus by 1MD Nutrition is specific about the kind of curcumin they use, ensuring that it is 285 times the bioavailability of the typical turmeric that other brands incorporate. However, it isn’t just turmeric that consumers rely on with this formula because 1MD Nutrition also includes Boswellia serrata.

Dr. Adam Kreitenberg, the joint specialist on staff, already recommends this formula to treat joint pain, which gives it a little more reliability than other products. The daily use of CurcuminMD Plus helps users relieve their bodies of oxidative stress to keep the joints and tissues healthy. It will also improve the production of antioxidant enzymes, which purge the body of any free radicals that damage other cells.

Available for $45 per bottle, users will notice improved wellness in their minds and body at a relatively reasonable price.

NativePath Daily Turmeric


Created by Dr. Chad Walding, DPT, NativePath Daily Turmeric offers high-concentration turmeric with 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids combined with black pepper extract for optimal benefits. Taking this formula daily is the easiest way for consumers to improve their inflammation in the body, reducing discomfort in the muscles and joints. Users also get better sleep, improved support for the mood, and better digestion to keep their bodies functioning as they hope.

Ultimately, the goal of the NativePath brand is to make the aging process significantly more manageable, which is further helped with all of the benefits listed above. The total cost of each bottle is $33.

Turmeric Total Boost


Turmeric Total Boost, made by PhytAge Labs, comes with a significant promise that the formula could potentially change the user’s life. The primary purpose of this remedy is to purge the body of free radicals, using the natural antioxidants in turmeric to do so.

Every user gets the support of curcumin, which primarily targets inflammation. However, the remedy is simple since users will notice the only two ingredients will be curcumin and black pepper extract. While curcumin improves inflammation, the black pepper extract, also known as BioPerine, amplifies the effects.

Despite the simple ingredients used, Turmeric Total Boost has a high price tag of $70. It only offers 10 mg of high-concentration turmeric, while the other 600 mg are not as potent. Still, it earns a place on the list for the doctor-supported team that PhytAge Labs offers.

Plant Pure Turmeric CBD


Plant Pure Turmeric CBD brings two ingredients together that seem to have a lot in common already – turmeric and cannabidiol (CBD). When prepared together, they create a profound effect on pain relief, especially involving the inflammation in the joints and muscles. They also promote improved clarity and mental focus.

Unlike THC, CBD won’t put the user at risk for getting “high,” which means that users just get the therapeutic benefits necessary. There’s no need to choose between improving the user’s health and keeping their mind clear because they can do both. Plus, the liquid tincture is easy for the body to absorb, consuming it sublingually to maximize the effects on the metabolism.

For one bottle or vial, the total cost is $50.

Best Turmeric Supplements on Amazon

Even with all of the turmeric formulas on the market today, Amazon is an excellent third-party seller for many brands. The ranking determination used for the official websites is no different from what these products were assessed by. Here are the top supplements that Amazon offers for fast shipping and effectiveness that other customers already enjoy.

Smarter Nutrition Curcumin with Black Seed Oil


Smarter Nutrition Curcumin with Black Seed Oil is a trendy curcumin remedy that already has the support of nearly 8,000 customer reviews at this time. It also has an incredible amount of turmeric in each dose, concealed within two soft-gel capsules. Each one offers a total of 400 mg high-concentration turmeric (with 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids) and 400 mg of black cumin seed oil. They also provide users with AstraGin, which is a type of ginseng root extract.

All of these ingredients already have research that backs up their effects. However, the company puts its products through lab testing to make sure that customers get reliable support. The total cost is $40.

Thorne Research Meriva-SF


Thorne Research Meriva-SF has incredible absorption. The creators advertise it primarily as a curcumin extract remedy absorbed at 29 times the typical rate. It improves the user’s inflammation to ease the pain associated with damage in the joints and muscles. It already has a 4.7-star rating (out of 5 stars), and the brand that makes it puts every product through lab-testing.

Along with the relief from inflammation, this formula also improves digestion and supports the health of joints and muscles. The total cost of each bottle is $44.

Qunol Extra Strength Turmeric


Qunol Extra Strength Turmeric provides users with a dose of 1,000 mg of turmeric in every serving. The formula seems to be recommended by doctors, offering incredible strength and better absorption. Users get 120 capsules in every bottle, giving it the most outstanding value for inflammation relief and joint health.

The formula requires users to take two capsules each day, giving them a concentration of 18{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} to 22{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids. Though it isn’t quite as affordable as the options on this list that provide users with 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids, it still earns a relatively impressive rating among users.

For one bottle, the total cost is $30.



Condro focuses on helping consumers improve the health of tendons, muscles, and ligaments at a relatively high price. This formula seems to have incredible appeal due to the handcrafted batches, including Boswellia serrata, BioPerine, and other essential ingredients.

Each bottle costs $120.

Top Guides for Turmeric Use

Along with the many supplements on the market nowadays, companies have also written guides that help users understand how turmeric supplements benefit them. Turmeric supplements aren’t these magical creations that erase all of the damage right away. Instead, users need to combine them with the right changes in their routine to get the best chance of improvement.

That’s why this top list also includes a guide that earns a particular spot, showing that users can make a difference with good habits.

The Turmeric Testament


Available for $10, The Turmeric Testament: How This 4,000-Year-Old Golden Miracle Naturally Fights Pain & Inflammation is entirely digital and published by Alternative Daily. The guide shows users what they need to know about the anti-inflammatory benefits offered by turmeric, as well as the foods that can give it an even better effect.

Some chapters go over the other reasons consumers might incorporate turmeric into their routine, improving brain function, anxiety, and stress. Along with the main content, there are three bonus health guides that it comes with as well.

Users won’t have to pay for the book. Instead, they cover the $9.95 shipping fee.

How the Rankings of the Best Turmeric Supplements Were Decided

For the most part, turmeric supplements all seem to be the same. However, their doses and sources all play a role. Here are some of the details that were considered with the guide when choosing these products.

Turmeric Dosage

The dosage is one of the most critical factors in turmeric supplements. Most of these remedies have at least 500 mg in each serving, though some turmeric supplements don’t use quite that much. Supplements with a higher dosage had a much higher priority.

Curcumin Concentration

Along with the turmeric involved, this guide considered the formulas with 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcumin. Far too many products have a minor curcumin concentration, but it is necessary for the effects. Curcumin naturally exists in turmeric, but the concentration also had to be incredibly high to place on this list. Formulas with 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids got a much higher place than formulas with 5{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids.

Black Pepper Extract Dosage

Turmeric, as a singular ingredient, can be rather hard to absorb in the body naturally. However, that’s why users tend to get black pepper extract in their supplements that help it absorb. The use of the extract allows users to increase bioavailability by up to 2,000{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} for a more significant impact.

Doctor Formulated or Backed by Medical Advisory Board

Having the support of a doctor or a medical advisory board makes a significant difference in the effectiveness and reliability of a supplement. The turmeric supplements with preferential treatment had to have some kind of evidence or medical proof to show what they could do.

Complementary Ingredients

Since this natural ingredient is so helpful for immunity and inflammation, most people think that it is enough to use on its own. However, using other elements can be beneficial to individuals who want to amplify or combine the effects. Some of the other effective ingredients include ginger, Rhodiola Rosea, ashwagandha, and CoQ10. Though turmeric dosage has the highest priority, the scientific support behind these ingredients also helps.

Price, Value, and Affordability

Everyone has a budget that they are the most comfortable with when they shop for a turmeric supplement. This list focused on offering supplements that provide good value for their price. Whether $10 or $100, the supplement needed enough nourishment to make a difference.

Manufacturer Reputation

Companies with a track record of reliability got a higher spot on this list. Consistency in performance often suggests better quality in the formulas. However, this guide looked for brands that have been in business for quite some time already.

Moneyback Guarantee

Along with the reputation, companies that believe in the products that they offer also understand that not every product is created equal. Since consumers may experience different results, trustworthy companies offer a refund policy or a money-back guarantee.

Scientific Evidence

Clinical trials are not typical for companies, primarily because so much information is already known about turmeric. Companies want to back up the products they use with cited research and even clinical trials that have taken place with their particular dosage. With plenty of scientific evidence, companies could earn a higher position on the list.

Honest Advertising

As helpful as turmeric is, it is not the cure for cancer. It can’t immediately stop inflammation, and it shouldn’t be trusted as the only overnight treatment for any health concern. There’s no magical weight loss, and users will still have to keep up with a healthy routine. Manufacturers should choose honesty over everything else, and there’s no need to exaggerate what can be done.

Label Transparency

Much like the advertised benefits, the details that the company advertises about what is inside must be honest. Some supplements avoid revealing all ingredient dosages within proprietary blends, which hides whether the user gets enough turmeric for their needs. Most manufacturers only conceal the dose to hide that they aren’t providing enough, which is why this guide prioritized products with clear and honest labeling.

Scientific Evidence for Turmeric

There is no shortage of evidence on what turmeric can do for the body. All it takes is a quick search online to see the plentiful clinical trials and other research online, but this guide took the time to go over these effects as well.

In 1990, researchers already had a clear understanding of what this ingredient could do for the body. They discovered that it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and it reduces free radicals in the body. Free radicals increase the risk of disease in the body, and turmeric can reduce the impact of inflammation.

Studies are spread all over the science world, including a review study in 2015. This study allowed researchers to look at the trials on turmeric and curcumin as a solution for inflammation and more. The study discovered clear evidence that curcumin is linked to antiplatelet, antioxidant, and hepatoprotective benefits. This research also revealed that it helps the body protect itself from certain types of cancer, including liver, skin, pancreas, prostate, ovary, and head/neck cancers.

Many of the studies out today link turmeric use, even in small amounts, to relief from inflammation for different diseases. Some of the diseases it helps to fight include heart disease, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions. Without taking inflammation into account (and treating it), the risk of developing a disease or illness is much higher.

Though turmeric helps with antioxidant support already, it can benefit the rest of the body to trigger antioxidant production and further inflammation support. This improvement improves cognition, relieving consumers of the mental fog that they face during the day. Users will likely see improvements in memory recall and attention with the right amount of curcumin, even with just a few weeks of use.

Anxiety and stress relief are common issues that consumers correct with the use of turmeric. It improves the user’s overall calmness, and it improves their stress resistance. In some cases, researchers have linked it to depression relief. Turmeric seems to have a similar intensity to prescription-strength medications for depression, comparable to Prozac with just 1,000 mg of curcumin.

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The use of turmeric improves the user’s cardiovascular health, supporting healthy blood pressure levels in several small studies. Though the formulas on this list have not been tested, the use of curcumin has consistently shown that users – including men and women – were able to keep their blood pressure under control, even with a light workout.

One of the most significant issues that scientists currently deal with is low bioavailability, which means that the body cannot retain as much of the compound inside. By including an ingredient like black pepper extract, the absorption in the body increases by 2,000{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f}, making it more beneficial for the user.

The anti-cancer benefits are made clear with multiple studies. One such study allowed researchers to learn about how turmeric can offer anti-cancer benefits concerning growth and development. Other studies showed how turmeric kills off the cancer cells, reduces the production of new blood vessels in tumors, and reduces the risk of spreading cancer. In fact, due to these benefits, consumers tend to include turmeric in their routine to protect themselves.

One of the most significant issues consumers use turmeric to face is arthritis, directly associated with inflammation. The condition already impacts millions of people, and researchers confirmed that the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis was more easily handled with curcumin over other anti-inflammatory drugs. Curcumin doesn’t cause any side effects but reduces pain, mobility, and inflammation that typically occurs with any arthritis.

Anti-aging benefits are one of the other recommended solutions for users with turmeric. Since inflammation comes with the aging process, it doesn’t take much to link this benefit in research. In 2010, the researchers sought to understand the way that curcumin works for the anti-aging benefits. This research showed that it both slowed the aging process and reduced the onset of certain diseases associated with aging.

The additional research on turmeric is ongoing, and researchers continue to learn about its effects. The western world is seeing an apparent reason for incorporating it into their routine, which is why turmeric-based supplements have made a significant difference.

Turmeric Supplement Dosage

Most turmeric supplements available have about 500 mg to 1,500 mg of turmeric, which is the total amount that clinical trials typically use to prove the effects. The benefits shine through at 250 mg to 2,000 mg, though every person is different.

Always check to see the concentration of curcuminoids in the formula chosen. High concentrations can make any turmeric supplement a more effective remedy. The concentration may vary, but users can get the best results possible by simply following the directions on the supplement chosen. Taking two capsules a day is optimal for most remedies, though the instructions should be printed clearly on the label.

FAQs About Turmeric Supplements

Q: What is turmeric?

A: Turmeric is a root or stem, and it is part of the ginger family. When prepared as a supplement, companies will reduce the root to powder to encapsulate it. It also is often used in cooking in its natural or powdered state.

Q: What does turmeric do?

A: Turmeric has been used to improve the skin’s health, the quality of the immune system, and the strength of digestion. Overall, it enhances the user’s general health and wellness, though much of the attention is on reducing inflammation with consistent use of turmeric.

Q: How do users take turmeric?

A: While many people choose to include fresh roots in their routine, the easiest way to get a consistent dose is by choosing a supplement, which is available as a capsule, powder, or liquid. It is more popularly sold in Southeast Asia and surrounding areas, so locals find it pickled and raw in the markets.

Q: What is Curcuma longa?

A: It is the scientific name for the plant that turmeric grows.

Q: What’s the difference between turmeric and curcumin?

A: While curcumin is the compound in turmeric that provides substantial health benefits, turmeric is the root that it comes from.

Q: How much turmeric is best to take?

A: Everyone has a different need to get the benefits that turmeric offers. The majority of studies focus on doses between 500 mg to 2,000 mg each day, which is why supplements provide a similar amount. Even though the natural turmeric powder is entirely safe to use as much as 15,000 mg each day, users that take supplements should always follow the instructions provided on the label of their supplement.

Q: What are the side effects of turmeric?

A: There aren’t any side effects associated with turmeric, primarily when used within the proper dosages recommended by supplements. There is a chance that users will slow down blood clotting in some users, so doctors encourage some users not to take turmeric before surgery.

Individuals with a medical condition should speak with their doctor before starting any regimen with turmeric.

Q: Where does turmeric come from?

A: Used for hundreds of years, turmeric primarily comes from India and other Southeast Asia areas.

Q: What are the benefits of turmeric?

A: The use of turmeric is necessary to reduce inflammation and pain for individuals who suffer from health conditions that cause it (like arthritis). It also gets praise for better digestion and cognition, reducing the user’s risk of developing a degenerative brain condition.

Q: Is it better to take turmeric or curcumin?

A: Since every turmeric supplement has some curcumin, it helps users get the turmeric they hope for. It is always the active ingredient, so the main concern is to find the right pairing of dosages and concentrations of each.

Q: Is turmeric scientifically proven to work?

A: Largely, scientific studies show that turmeric promotes different benefits for users, though inflammation has been the most common result.

Q: How does turmeric work?

A: Turmeric is primarily effective for naturally occurring curcumin, even though it has a low concentration in many formulas. There are over 100 compounds that help users gain these benefits, working through the digestive system to relieve inflammation.

Q: How many calories are in turmeric?

A: One teaspoon of turmeric in its ground state only has about nine calories. However, users should check with the specific supplement they take to determine the precise number of calories in the product.

Q: Can turmeric help with cancer?

A: The current studies available show that there’s an anti-cancer effect when using turmeric. However, to use it as a definitive solution, more research is necessary.

Q: Is turmeric safe?

A: Up to 15,000 mg daily is entirely safe to use. However, individuals that already take medication or have a medical condition should speak to a doctor first.

Q: Is there lead in turmeric supplements?

A: In reputable supplements, turmeric goes through third-party lab testing to eliminate any possible heavy metals from the formula. However, cheap supplements that don’t put their products through these tests are more likely to contain lead.

Q: How much curcumin is in turmeric?

A: Typically, about 4{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} to 6{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} of the root contains curcuminoids. However, to improve the benefits of turmeric, companies often increase the concentration to 95{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} curcuminoids.

Q: Can turmeric help with weight loss?

A: Due to how this ingredient reduces free radicals and alleviates inflammation, turmeric has been linked to weight loss. However, this benefit requires more research to see a definitive link between turmeric and the effect.

Q: How should turmeric be taken?

A: It entirely depends on the user’s preference. It can be prepared as a root, a spice, a tea, or a supplement.

Q: What’s the easiest way to take turmeric?

A: For most people, a supplement is the easiest way to take turmeric. They are compacted into a capsule or a powder to make them easier to consume daily.

Q: Can turmeric lower inflammation?

A: Reducing inflammation is one of the most common reasons that users integrate turmeric into their routine. Even traditional medicine practitioners use it to help patients get relief from inflammation.

Q: Where is turmeric root sold?

A: Turmeric root is sold in most grocery stores and natural health stores, though it falls under the “specialty ingredients.” Asian marketplaces are another excellent place to find turmeric roots.

Q: How do users prepare raw turmeric root?

A: Just like the preparation of ginger, users should start by scraping off the rind. Then, they can adequately cook it or add it to other foods.

Q: How is turmeric tea made?

A: Turmeric tea is one of the staples of traditional Asian medicine. It just takes one teaspoon of turmeric powder, blending with other spices for flavor (like cinnamon, black pepper, etc.), warm milk, and some type of sweetener. Turmeric tea bags are another option for consumers that don’t necessarily want to use the powder to create the beverage.

Q: Is turmeric a spice?

A: Yes. Turmeric is a common spice in multiple Asian recipes, especially for curry powder. It is used in soups, stews, stir-fries, salad, and rice. Some people incorporate it into rubs for meat, baked goods, and smoothies.

The Top Turmeric Supplements of 2021 Final Thoughts

The use of turmeric helps consumers to get the natural benefits offered by curcumin. Choosing a supplement that works for the users allows anyone to see the effect on inflammation. Since inflammation impacts the risk and danger of many medical conditions, supplementation with turmeric potentially reduces the chance of cognitive and heart issues. It even is linked to weight loss and anti-cancer effects in multiple studies.

Check out any of the formulas recommended on this list to see what this year already has to offer.

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