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Best Magnesium Supplements to Take: Top 17 Product Rankings

Are you searching for magnesium supplements to boost up your immune health? I have tried out several magnesium products, and I know how taxing it can be to choose the correct form of magnesium. So why bother going through the numerous supplemental choices and make yourself more confused?

Here, in this article, we enumerated the best magnesium supplements that will keep your health in top shape.

Top 17 Magnesium Supplements of 2021

Here are some of the best quality magnesium supplements I have listed. These supplements will take care of your body’s magnesium needs.

Magnesium Breakthrough

image 8

If you are hunting for a magnesium supplement, then the Magnesium Breakthrough product will do wonders for you. Most of these supplements do not absorb correctly, but this particular product has a blend of various magnesium types that allow fast absorption.

These types include magnesium citrate, magnesium chelate, magnesium orotate, and magnesium bis-glycinate. This magnesium mineral is an essential component that your body requires. The lack of magnesium will make you suffer from sleep issues, anxiety, depression, and damage to your heart health.

Overall, this Magnesium Breakthrough product can offer support from a cellular level to help prevent such disruptions from occurring.

Magnesium L-Threonate

image 9

The best way to ensure magnesium sufficiency is by incorporating Magnesium L-Threonate in your diet. Their supplements contain the most sought-after magnesium L-threonate component, which absorbs super quickly.

Alongside its fast absorption, this magnesium form can efficiently increase brain magnesium levels to enhance your cognitive function.

This essential mineral takes care of blood pressure, nerve function, and muscle health. So you can imagine what magnesium deficiency can do to your body. However, incorporating this magnesium form can help improve your cognitive abilities and keep you healthy.

Since about 80{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} of your metabolic functions depend on magnesium, this magnesium L-threonate product will be an excellent choice for you.

Barton Nutrition EasyRelief Magnesium

image 4

Sometimes instead of a cocktail of magnesium forms, just a key ingredient may work more potently. The Barton Nutrition EasyRelief Magnesium contains a 100{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} magnesium chloride hexahydrate component.

This supplement not only helps with insulin sensitivity issues but also assists in keeping your blood glucose control.

An advantage of this magnesium product is that you do not have to take it orally. I know some people find oral supplements of such kind to be uncomfortable. Luckily, this product comes with a magnesium spray formula that you spray on your body.

All in all, you can keep your magnesium levels in check by getting this product.

Natural Stacks MagTech

image 11

A company uses distinctive magnesium forms to ensure their supplement contains the necessary magnesium components for your betterment; the Natural Stacks MagTech. The three forms are taurate, L-threonate, and glycinate. You can improve your brain health, muscle and nerve function, and overall muscle health.

What makes Natural Stacks MagTech stand out from other supplement companies? They provide third-party lab testing of their magnesium products.

Not many magnesium tablets out there undergo the testing procedures. Therefore, all of their label claims are authentic, and your body’s magnesium needs will not be insufficient.

So, you can take the Natural Stacks magnesium supplements to sleep better and support your nervous system.

Organixx Magnesium 7

image 14

As you can guess, this Organixx Magnesium 7 contains seven different supplemental magnesium forms that work together to provide the ultimate boost your body needs.

The blend of these magnesium forms helps deal with muscle cramps, blood pressure control, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, heart problems, leg cramps, etc.

Dealing with a magnesium deficiency can be difficult, but the Organixx product comes at a reasonable price with superior benefits; you will not regret purchasing this supplement. Additionally, they provide the necessary third-party lab testing for each of their supplement bottles.

It also contains magnesium aspartate, a form that helps keep your cognitive abilities in a top-notch shape. Hence, the Organixx product delivers superior results.

1MD MagMD Plus

image 1

Sometimes, magnesium deficiency will occur even if you incorporate healthy food into your diet. That is because the absorption rate of magnesium varies a lot. Therefore, a healthy alternative is the 1MD MagMD Plus supplement because it contains forms that ensure elevated magnesium levels.

This magnesium supplement allows your body to function healthily, supports cardiovascular function, and improves your overall bone health. Long-time usage of MagMD Plus will result in all of these improvements, and you can check with your healthcare provider for the dosage level.

Moreover, aside from magnesium, this product has zinc and vitamin D3, which help to enhance the absorption rate, among other beneficial functions.

The MagMD product is extremely inexpensive compared to some other supplements, so that it will be an excellent magnesium tablet of choice for you.

Activation EASE

image 2

Are you in the search for a magnesium supplement that does not come in tablet form? Then check out the Activation EASE supplement that comes in a spray formula.

This natural magnesium solution can enter your bloodstream quickly. With each spray of Activation EASE, you get about 22 mg of magnesium. Hence, the higher absorption rate of magnesium also helps with the absorption of calcium.

Ultimately, it leads to downstream reactions that keep your body’s metabolic functions up to speed. Compared to some of the transdermal products out there, this magnesium supplement does not cause irritation or burning sensation when you spray it.

Therefore, the lack of elemental magnesium will not be an issue anymore if you introduce this magnesium supplementation in your diet.

Live Conscious MagWell

image 7

Choosing the correct magnesium supplement is problematic because it is a commitment. A small magnesium dosage may not provide you results.

Hence, you will have to repurchase the magnesium supplement of your choice quite a few times. So, an affordable product like the Live Conscious MagWell will come in handy.

This product helps support the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems of your body. Elemental magnesium helps to improve your body’s overall health. In particular, the MagWell product contains vitamin D3 alongside both zinc and magnesium.

Therefore, daily intake of the MagWell product will provide efficient results. Do not sleep on this excellent magnesium product that is super affordable.

Essential Elements Magnesium Plus

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One capsule of magnesium a day can keep muscle soreness away. It may sound cheesy, but magnesium supplements can benefit you in several ways. Hence, let me introduce the Essential Elements Magnesium Plus product. It contains a trio of zinc, vitamin D3, and of course, magnesium.

Furthermore, you can significantly improve your health conditions thanks to this magnesium product. The forms of magnesium this product includes are magnesium malate, magnesium glycinate, and magnesium citrate. Plus, this product contains 180 capsules per bottle which last a long time.

Overall, the Essential Elements supplement is an excellent choice if you want to include a magnesium supplement.

Nuzena Magnesium Pure

image 13

If you want a magnesium product with a higher dosage and potency, then the Nuzena Magnesium Pure will be perfect. This product will provide about 400 mg of magnesium, especially the magnesium glycinate form. It contains the glycine amino acid that helps with sleep issues.

Moreover, the great thing about Nuzena Magnesium Pure is its packaging. Our human body requires magnesium for better calcium function and absorption. And this Nuzena product can do precisely that to keep your body healthy hence, one capsule of this supplement will help your bodily function.

If you are looking at the price and magnesium-related benefits, this Nuzena product delivers results flawlessly.

Transparent Labs Magnesium Bisglycinate

image 17

One of the most affordable forms of magnesium is bis-glycinate. This element provides anxiety relief, improves bone and heart health, helps with sleep issues, etc.

So, how can you make sure bis-glycinate is in your diet? Since your body cannot naturally produce bis-glycinate, a supplement like Transparent Labs Magnesium Bisglycinate will do the job.

This dietary supplement has a higher dosage of magnesium than your average supplements in the market. Furthermore, their clinical study ensures that the magnesium content of this product is enough to help improve your mood and deal with stress.

Interestingly, Transparent Labs also mentions how their product prevents genotoxicity, which affects your genes. So, you can benefit from this gluten-free magnesium supplement.

Pure Essence Iconic-Fizz Magnesium Plus

image 15

Just like any other supplement, magnesium supplements also require some time to show results. So, you may end up purchasing the same supplement several times, and that can be rather expensive.

The Pure Essence Iconic Fizz-Magnesium Plus is an excellent choice because it provides all magnesium-related benefits at an affordable range.

Each of its dosages contains 300 mg of magnesium carbonate, and overall, you get about 71{3ec534fe9d71be4d3153a272edf1ee2c130738b0e26f29d9315c02fb0c3ceb7f} daily value. Additionally, it also contains potassium, beetroot powders, boron, etc. The critical point of the Fizz Plus product is that you can directly drink it. So you can say goodbye to magnesium tablets or sprays.

This magnesium product will be excellent for overall cardiovascular support, blood pressure maintenance, and healthy sleep pattern.

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om

image 10

Are you looking for ways to support your immune health from a cellular point? The Moon juice Magnesi-Om supplement will be perfect for you. This product contains three different bioavailable magnesium forms that work together to restore your cellular balance.

Unlike the other conventional magnesium supplements, this one helps keep your sense of focus at a top-notch state. Each Magnesi-Om dosage provides a mixture of 204 mg of magnesium citrate, 28 mg of magnesium taurinate, and 77 mg of magnesium gluconate.

The incredible thing about the Moon Juice is its transparency. Their magnesium product comes with all the information to know what you incorporate for educational and informational purposes.

Elm & Rye Magnesium

image 5

The essential mineral magnesium plays a crucial role in keeping your body in good shape. For this reason, the Elm & Rye Magnesium product will be a good option. Their minimalistic packaging also acts as an attraction.

Compared to the conventional magnesium supplements, the Elm & Rye one is more on the expensive side. However, they provide a highly potent magnesium product that primarily has magnesium gluconate and no fillers/preservatives.

If you prefer natural ingredients in your supplement rather than preservatives, the Elm & Rye will be your go-to option.

Overall, it is an excellent magnesium product that is gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

Natural Vitality Calm

image 12

Are you tired of magnesium supplements that come in tablet form? Here is the Natural Vitality Calm supplement that provides an excellent powder version of the supplement.

It contains several flavor forms; however, this particular Vitality Calm product is unflavored. Therefore, this supplement will be a great addition to your drinks.

Add 1 or 2 gm of the Natural Vitality supplement in the water of your favorite drink for easy preparation. Supplement incorporation in your diet will never get easier than this system. Furthermore, it contains a good amount of magnesium citrate and carbonate.

Interestingly, this Vitality product also provides a laxative effect. Compared to any other fiber drink, this magnesium product will help with your stool problems.

Thorne Research Magnesium Bisglycinate

image 16

A crucial element like magnesium can help with stress, depression, sleep issues, and so much more.

So, take a look at this Thorne Research Magnesium Bisglycinate product. With per serving, this magnesium product will provide 200 mg of the element. Such an amount is necessary to maintain the magnesium level of your body.

Not only does it provide optimal muscle support, but it also helps manage your blood glucose, heart, and brain health. If you did not know, this magnesium product might also help with menstrual cramps.

It contains bis-glycinate, monk fruit concentrate, citrate, among other forms of magnesium. Compared to other supplements, this Thorne one is an excellent choice.

Ancient Nutrition Magnesium

image 3

Sometimes, you can have magnesium-rich food in your diet, but that will not be enough. Dietary supplements like the Ancient Nutrition Magnesium ensure your body has sufficient magnesium for energy production.

This ultimately allows your bone strength, sleep, heart condition, etc., to improve immensely.

It contains a bunch of extracts and elements alongside zinc and magnesium to offer a range of help. Ancient Nutrition recommends three tablets for adults, but I suggest getting professional medical advice before incorporating this magnesium product.

Thanks to the Ancient Nutrition product, this crucial mineral may be hard to incorporate into your diet, but your magnesium needs will stay balanced.

How We Ranked The Top Magnesium Supplements

Here is how we ranked this magnesium product review to make sure you find the correct magnesium product.

Types of Magnesium

All these supplements contain several magnesium types that provide a range of effectivity.

Magnesium Oxide

Most magnesium supplements contain this magnesium oxide element. It not only helps with insomnia but also provides a pleasing laxative effect. So, incorporating magnesium oxide into your diet can be helpful.

Magnesium Citrate

Incorporating magnesium citrate will be a great option if you want to strengthen your heart, muscle, and bone health.

Magnesium Sulfate

This form of magnesium is essential for both plant and animal foods. In the case of animal foods, it primarily provides a laxative effect.

Magnesium Chloride

The magnesium chloride form helps deal with depression, lowering blood pressure, and can even help with inflammation.

Magnesium Glycinate

This popular magnesium glycinate form helps with your sleep problems. Since magnesium glycinate can enter the blood-brain barrier, it improves your brain’s health.

Overall, magnesium aspartate, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate, bis-glycinate, malate, etc., help manage your body.

Magnesium Supplement Dosage

Low magnesium levels can be problematic. Hence, the dosage of your magnesium product matters a lot. In this review, I have provided several magnesium dosage options that you can check.

Research shows that for adults, 350 mg of magnesium is more than enough. So the best magnesium dosage will be below 350 mg.

Top 17 Magnesium Supplements of 2021 Final Words

Since your body cannot create magnesium on its own, diet and supplements are the only ways to prevent magnesium shortage. But choosing the correct magnesium product is extremely difficult. Especially since dosage, forms of magnesium, and the price comes into play.

Hopefully, my list of the best magnesium supplements will help you choose more easily.

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