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Best Glucomannan Supplements For Weight Loss (April 2022 Update) – Blog

Best Glucomannan Supplements For Weight Loss (April 2022 Update)

When people start losing weight, the first starting point is always to cut out from food. While staying away from sugar, fat, salt and cutting the overall calorie intake can be beneficial, we should always look for ways without being miserable. Food being so delicious and comforting it can be easy to follow a workout regimen with a reward being a salad.

Implementing a glucomannan supplement can make the whole journey more enjoyable. Glucomannan is a natural supplement for maintaining a healthy appetite and using the sugars in the body as fuel. This dietary fiber is plant-derived and swells up the digestive tract so you can feel more full. It can also be very helpful in metabolizing sugars and creating bonds with lipids that can pass the sugars more easily.

The market is overflowing with a variety of health supplements that can improve the overall health and sincerely help in the weight loss journey. When the capsules or powder runs out, you are only left with disappointment. It paints a picture of only being fit while addicted or simply never adding any supplement in the daily routine and always staying in the same place allowed by the genetic potential.

In our Best Glucomannan Supplement Review, we will talk about two brands that offer the best supplement and permanently help the human body with the glucose levels in the blood.

2 Best Glucomannan Supplements – 2022 Reviews 

  1. Hourglass Fit– Best Glucomannan Supplement To Get Leaner Body; Caffeine- Free
  2. Leanbean– Popular Glucomannan Diet Pills For Women; All-Natural

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Hourglass Fit – Best Glucomannan Supplement To Get Leaner Body; Caffeine- Free 


We decided on Hourglass Fit, a caffeine-free supplement for weight loss as our first pick. Since people often use caffeine as a starter for bowel movement we thought that a supplement without it can be eye-catching. Hourglass Fit is produced by Roar Ambition, a supplement firm that is very popular in the nutrition industry. They also produce Instant Knockout and can ship supplements around the globe.

Roar Ambition was established back in 2012 by a gentleman named Robert Parker. It is stationed in Leeds, UK and as we mentioned they provide their supplements worldwide. This company has a lot of supplements in its arsenal and people have praised all of them. They have passed every quality control checkup and offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Hourglass Fit has a gentle fiber supplement glucomannan that is better than 95% of the industry. It contains 3000mg of it and it is all extracted from the konjac root. This is proof of a pure and safe product. Hourglass Fit also has the amino acid 5-HTP in its content,  a naturally occurring protein that produces serotonin in the human body.

Hourglass Fit is committed to improving customers’ health  ,and they believe that the foundation of that is a healthy supplement. Made from all-natural sources, without synthetics and additives, this supplement achieves its mission without little to no side effects.


We have mentioned the 5-HTP that can boost serotonin in the body, now let us explain the two reasons why it is so important. With high serotonin, we feel better, and as we feel better we tend to eat less. There is a certain sadness that comes from eating junk food or eating too much, that’s why delicious food is often referred to as comfort food. When nothing goes wrong, you find comfort by eating. Having higher serotonin levels can make the customers feel good without binge eating and hit the gym with a huge smile on their faces.

The second reason that higher serotonin levels can be helpful is that when people drastically change their diet and go from burgers to salads, they often feel miserable. Basically, the opposite of the first reason, the consumption of sugars and fats can be very addictive. Improving the mood can also make you look forward to eating dinner, even if it is a nice piece of boiled chicken.

Hourglass Fit has added thermogenic in its blend, which is clinically researched and helpful for a healthier metabolism. The supplement has Vitamin B complex, like B2, B6, and B12. It also contains Capsimax, a thermogenic trademark that helps with metabolizing benefits from cayenne pepper. Another ingredient found in Hourglass Fit is chromium, which can be found in a lot of supplements and has a purpose for reducing appetite.

Bioperine or Piperine can also be found in Hourglass, a black pepper extract. A 5mg can make quite a difference and increase the bioavailability of nutrients absorbed from food. This ingredient is crucial for better muscle rejuvenation.

Last but not least, the final ingredient found in this supplement is Zinc. Zinc is essential for minerals which we as people don’t nearly get enough from nutrition. It helps with insulin levels and appetite reduction.


  • Lowers belly fat
  • Zero to no side effects
  • Nutrition boost
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Easy to consume
  • Free shipping for US and UK
  • Impressive formula
  • Natural ingredients
  • Appetite reduction
  • Caffeine-free
  • Lowers sugar drawings


  • Little Pricey
  • Only available for online purchase

Customer Experience

After checking what women have to say about the supplement online, we were very pleased with what we found. Establishing the strength and purity of the ingredients, the fact that many women were positively responding to this supplement is a huge plus. It supports our research for supporting a healthy lifestyle and getting into a calorie deficit without feeling miserable. The majority of women found this supplement to be very gentle and didn’t experience any side effects. If you still feel paranoid about experiencing any negative effects afterward, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hourglass Fit

#2. LeanBean – Popular Glucomannan Diet Pills For Women; All-Natural


Our second choice is a supplement specially formulated for women. Leanbean is a supplement for anyone who is searching for an all-natural alternative for an easy weight loss journey. The whole formula of LeanBean relies on Glucomannan with the addition of some key ingredients for maximizing the water soluble dietary fiber effect. The Glucomannan used in the mixture is also extracted from pure konjac root, so customers should not worry about any artificial or over-processed fiber.

Best described as a fat burner or appetite suppressor, LeanBean is manufactured by Ultimate Life, a reputable company that has manufactured a lot of effective weight loss products.

Since this supplement only contains natural ingredients that promote weight loss like glucomannan, coffee bean extract, and more, this supplement is free from harmful chemicals and has been gaining popularity amongst female athletes.

LeanBean gives a good dose of konjac root, with each serving you get 3 grams. In addition to the konjac fiber that is known for its appetite suppressing benefits, Ultimate Life has included a tropical fruit with the name Garcinia Cambogia, which is often taken after a meal to help you feel satisfied even after eating a small portion.


The company behind LeanBean understands that fat loss can involve a lot of natural processes in the body and, using only natural ingredients they have found a healthy way to do so. Reach in glucomannan this supplement works great as a filler of your stomach between meals without any unnecessary snacks. A result of this can be an overall smaller calorie intake and a smaller waistline.

Just as our first supplement in our list, LeanBean also contains the essential mixture of Vitamins B, specifically B6 and B12. They are known as thermogenic ingredients that can make the consumer energized. Vitamins can help stimulate cells in the body for a quicker metabolizing of sugar. In other words, these vitamins can help the body not store fat that easily.  Read leanbean reviews for more understanding of the brands.

Other thermogenic ingredients found in the LeanBean mixture are Turmeric and Green Coffee. Another ingredient found is Anhydrous which works similarly to caffeine. The Green Coffee also has antioxidants just like Acai Berry that can also be found in the mixture of ingredients.

One of the most important ingredients found in LeanBean is Choline. This is a naturally extracted compound that is produced by the liver. It can be found in baby formulas and is crucial for metabolizing fat cells. As we grow older, our bodies stop producing Choline at the levels they used to, so implementing this supplement with glucomannan can help keep the physic intact.

Also found in the ingredients of this supplement is Chromium Picolinate. This compound helps with the regulation of glucose levels in the bloodstream. Its main mission is to help the body with losing weight, without spiking the insulin at a high and risky level.

Lastly, Zinc can be found in LeanBean. a highly effective ingredient for processing carbs and fast in a healthy way.


  • Easy to order
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Leanbean helps reduce cravings
  • Burn more calories
  • Feeling of satiation without snacking
  • Nutrition boost


  • The longer period until the effects kick in
  • There are some ingredients with inconclusive studies
  • Only available for purchase on the official website

Customer Experience

While conducting our Best Glucomannan Supplement Review, we did thorough research and paid close attention to what customers say about the supplements. LeanBean has received a ton of positive feedback from across the whole world. No matter the age, women have found this supplement very beneficial and have seen results within just two weeks, and the fat reduction was very visible. Another thing that customers have mentioned is that, after stopping LeanBean, they have been still able to lose weight with the same tempo.

=> Click here to visit the official website of LeanBean

How We Made The List Of Glucomannan Weight Loss Supplements:  

Glucomannan is a popular plant in the Asian culture and is an extracted supplement from konjac root. It has been used for centuries to remedy treatment and improve overall health. It provides the body with necessary vitamins and minerals so immune and metabolic systems work normally with the digestive tract.

This supplement has been gaining popularity amongst women because it is beneficial with weight loss, blood pressure, and blood glucose. It  can also be very helpful with pain treatment from PMS. Users have also experienced relief from breast pain and hemorrhoids.

If you have some experience losing weight and balancing the glucose levels while controlling the LDL cholesterol without success, we are here to help. Without further ado, before jumping to our two picks for glucomannan supplements, we would like to explain our choices by providing you with the information we looked for while making this article.


By helping you improve the overall knowledge of this plan-derivable fiber, you can also improve your nutrition, weight, and appearance. Just like all the supplements in the industry, they can come in many forms. Make sure to go for what you find preferable. The most popular forms are:

  • Capsules
  • Powder
  • Tablets
  • Gummies

The most commonly used types are capsules and powder because of their simplicity. Using powder can be mixed with shakes and smoothies, which improves the experience of consuming liquid food and still feeling full.


Because konjac root is a plant, there should be no addition to that, making the dietary supplement unsuitable for vegans. The fact is that the vast majority of Glucomannan supplements don’t contain anything that would jeopardize the vegan lifestyle like animal gelatin or by-products, so it is important to check the ingredients before purchasing. You should pay the most attention if you decide to go with the gummies since some shady companies use animal gelatin instead of pectin. Everything said, we kept a close look at the labels and provided you with two vegan choices for Glucomannan.

Vitamins and Minerals

Just like all supplements, the addition of vitamins and minerals is always welcome. They bring the mixture of Glucomannan together with complex C, vitamin D, and vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. The minerals play a role in improving the metabolic and immune systems. The products we decided on use the approach of vitamins and minerals for better absorption and help with distressed and imbalanced hormones.


Powdered Glucomannan and the konjac root powder itself are also gluten-free but a lot of companies use the addition of supplements that can make it more efficient. One of those soluble fiber supplements may be gluten. It doesn’t cost anything to be extra careful, and in our Best Glucomannan Supplement Review, we will certainly mention if the product contains gluten. We are aware of how painful it can be if you make a mistake and purchase a dietary supplement that has an addition of a compound you are allergic to; with that being said, we got you covered.

Glucomannan and Pregnant Women

Because this supplement specifically targets women and becomes very sensitive and bloated while pregnant, this was a common question in all the sections online and we started to look into it. From the founding of this dietary supplement, the formula was not perfected and medical professionals did not recommend everything that added fiber. But since then, there are a lot more reputable brands that provide a perfect mixture for Glucomannan supplements that actually can improve the bowel movement of pregnant women and give them relief.


The standardized glucomannan supplement dosage of Glucomannan can vary from person to person. The recommended dose should be suggested by the manufacturer of the product you decide on. The usual recommendation is not more than 4 to 5 grams daily in  a foods glucomannan powder form that would look like a full teaspoon. You can take the same amount and split it in half, half a teaspoon in the morning and a half at night.


The packaging of Glucomannan should last for you. It isn’t too hard to determine how long, especially if you have previous experience with some branded weight loss supplement. If not, we got your back. Small packaging of Glucomannan that will provide a visible result should last you a month or two. People who are satisfied with this supplement can purchase a stack for several months and save a couple of bucks. It is always nice to start real slow and build up from there.


We have already talked about suitability for vegans and gluten when it comes to Glucomannan. The konjac root itself can’t be allergic and most reputable brands don’t have soy, lactose, or other allergens in their ingredients. The brands that we landed on are free from allergic reactions, although there are some rare cases of itchy skin, so once again, please read the label.

Possible Risks

Purchasing from a reputable brand can for sure reduce the side effects of the supplement. Besides the allergic reactions, going with a shady brand can actually slow down digestion, giving  you the opposite effect of what you were hoping for. Eating a lot and craving even more. The key benefits you should be looking for are body weight loss, dealing with diabetes, and preventing cardiovascular diseases. We made our list by reading as many reviews as we could and the brands found on our list had little to no side effects.

Buying Guide: Best Glucomannan Supplements To Shred Weight

In our Best Glucomannan Supplement Review, we have provided you with two supplements, one with caffeine and one without, with a huge satisfactory audience of customers and brands very well-known in the industry. If you want to take matters into your own hands, we are going to create a list of some things to pay attention to while choosing an effective weight loss supplement on your own.

Reputable Brand

Chances are, if you go with a supplement from a reputable brand, most likely, you will receive what you were promised. The companies who manufacture fat loss or appetite suppressing supplements usually have a ton of other products that can help people on their fitness journey. Whenever that is cutting, bulking, pre-workouts, and more. Always choose a company that has a ton of experience and has a trustworthy relationship with its customers.


Something that we paid close attention to while doing our article, is the ingredients used and how suitable these supplements are for people who have common allergies. The best option is a supplement that doesn’t contain any animal byproducts, gluten, soy, or dairy. Make sure to check the label for any allergies you have, even if the content of that ingredient is in a very small amount.


The ingredients should be natural, organic, and mentioned on the label with the exact amount of each one. Glucomannan is a must, which is proven to be healthy extraction from the konjac plant, but the addition to that should only be ingredients that boost the effects and not any harmful additives.

Intake of Best Slimming Gummies along with the Glucomannan doses, can be further helpful in weight reduction.

FAQs About Glucomannan Brands:

Are LeanBean and Hourglass Fit FDA-approved?

The facilities in which both products are manufactured meet the FDA regulations. The products themselves, however, are not FDA-approved simply because FDA doesn’t evaluate dietary supplements.

Are fat burners safe?

Yes, they are. The products found in our article contain only natural ingredients so, as long as you stick to them and the recommended dose, you should not experience any side effects.

Can fat burners appear on a drug test?

That’s a hard no. Fat burners are natural dietary supplements that don’t contain any illegal substances and will not affect the urine test.

Is there caffeine in the fat burners?

Some effective fat burners can have caffeine. In our article, you can find one supplement with and one without, whatever you choose, it can’t be considered a bad purchase.

Concluding – Do Glucomannan Really Work For Weight Loss?

Glucomannan is a supplement that can be essential for a weight loss program. It can help with appetite reduction and limit the absorption of the digestive tract. With that being said, not all products can be beneficial. We have provided you with two products, one with caffeine and one without, and whichever one you choose you simply can’t go wrong.