December 1, 2023


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Are You Sensitive to Energy?

Have you ever been in a gathering of people and suddenly felt overwhelmed, overstimulated or even afraid? If so, chances are that your intuitive energy channels are wide open allowing others to enter your energy body unhindered. Others may have said that you are too sensitive, as though it is something which is not normal, something to be fixed, healed or corrected. It is important that you become aware of your own intuitive energy so you can use this to best use in your life and this may mean learning to protect your own energy so you don’t need to carry everyone else with you as it can be a huge drain on your vitality.

First, consider the following statements to see how sensitive you are:

  • I am very aware of the subtleties in my physical environment
  • I can sense other people’s moods / energy
  • I am sensitive to pain / physical sensations
  • I need a lot of alone time
  • I am bothered by strong smells / aromas
  • I can be overwhelmed by bright lights and loud noises
  • I avoid anything violent
  • Large crowds can drain my energy leaving me feeling anxious
  • I suffer from allergies and skin sensitivities
  • I have a rich imagination and inner world

If you answered yes to most or all of the above, you are likely to benefit from the following exercise:

Before entering into a crowded environment or any other situation which may drain your intuitive energy, begin to focus on your breath to center yourself. Be conscious only of breathing in and out. As thoughts intrude notice them, but don’t judge them. Breathing activates your positive energy, it is a lifeline to your centre, to grounding yourself with the earth. With each breath extend your awareness downward into the ground. Picture your roots forming downward through the earth, through the rocks and soil, mentally planting a root from your body into the earth’s core. As you breathe feel your connection with the earth deepen. Allow the earth’s positive energy to infuse and stabilize you.

Once you feel grounded you can surround yourself in a blanket of white light. This is your protective shield. Allow it to act like a semi-permeable membrane allowing positive energy to flow through into your being whilst shielding you from negative, draining energies. Add other senses which appeal to you (eg heat or a perfumed aroma). Feel comforted and embraced by your blanket. Know that this blanket will protect you and your energy from the draining external influences which may surround you. Calming any anxieties you may have, leaving you free to enjoy all the positive influences whilst keeping out the negative.